Jazmin Adams


Jazmin Adams I'm 15 Follow And I'll Follow Back ❤
Woah i still look the same
My brother ❤❤❤
Hanging Out
My best fannnd❤❤❤
Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson Aka Tyga I Love You Baby ❤
My Eyes Look Amazing
Bad picture but what happens when my mom pisses me off
Bored but whatever I look gross
My bubble bath I took ❤
Yeah I can say goodbye to my life !
My baby's sleeping ❤
Hi Gus
Hotel room :)
Tonight's outfit
Lml Jairold Was Grilling Me At Lunch With A Bow In His Hair lol
Today I though I was cute
Hanging Out
Old but I love my smile
Hanging Out
I hate the cold
Hi Guys
What my hair looks like when I don't put gel or straighten it. !
When Umecca Calls Me Dumb
It's A Family Thing Tho
She's so fucking beautiful
Want this so bad !!!
I love him to death
My baby