Mother of 1.. Firefighter..Medic
@virgosvstheworld Hahahahaha TBT  Collegefreshmen omg this feels like it was so long ago
Lmao @signedchyna ass cooking lmao!
Yesssss Jheneaiko
Thanks Reese for sharing your toys! ? @carriefaye @kizzle1619 @bhop_3616
FutureBestfriends @kizzle1619 @carriefaye @bhop_3616
So true
Lmao idk why he looks so pissed.... Babyboy Nomakeup
Idk why he looks like a little girl lol
Up and wide awake lmao smh
Rp Bestfriends @kiingteezy Thatslove
Mom and son time ?
Day at the beach with friends and my little man @mydestinyy05
Kaiden's first day at the Beach!!!!!
Lmfao!!!!!!!! ??????
Wtf yall know about that!!! Lls
Hahahaha this is gonna be Kaiden in a couple years @bhop_3616
My baby sittin up by himself!!! @bhop_3616
Slight  @yuyucharmy @_breakinghearts_ ???
Somebody turned 5 months today!!!!!! @bhop_3616
Got to watch my first sunrise in ocean city
My MCM my 1 my Babyboy ????????
Oh yeah!!
Lmfao.. this was too funny not to Rp ... smh
Lmfao!!!!!!! ?????????
On the Wagon chillin!!!
Me and the beautiful bride Mrs. Butler .. Love you sis!!! You looked so beautiful yesterday!! @jessidero @jonb_the_great
My bro's!!!! @dont_loaf @jonb_the_great
Me and my big bro JOJO aka my twin hahahaha... @dont_loaf
Me and my brother (the groom) @jonb_the_great
The groom and his nephew!!!! ??@jonb_the_great .. Congrats bro!!!!
Some of the Bro's with there girls!! @heres_johnny85 @dont_loaf @_breakinghearts_
Kaiden with his uncle @butlerboss
TBT  @layinghose @md_shoreredneck .. I miss you guys!!!!
My baby turned 4 months today!!! @bhop_3616
Lmao!!!! My mom has set my poor child up!!! @indiabutler
Ahhhhh... Kaiden is knocked out and I'm wide awake... WTF!
Lol! Finger still hanging out his mouth smh
Look who's wide awake!! Lol
Omg.......if only
Lmao!!!! @bhop_3616
Lol smh... Twins Fatherandson Babyboy @bhop_3616
Life Realshit
Hanging with the guys at the station lol
Station chillin... Bored. No calls. Firefighterissues
Hanging with my 1
Lil butt knocked out sitting up lol
Banquet for 2⃣5⃣ Firedepartment Firefighters
Lmfao!!!!!! So true....
Yup lol Morningface Justwakingup Babyboy
Lmbo knocked out!!
Lol my silly boy @bhop_3616
Lol poor Ruck! And @juanslife007 looking like a creep lls @bhop_3616
My little man turned 2 months today ?????? Proudmommy 2Months Babyboy
Lmfao haha haha hahaha ??????
OMG look at your twin @bhop_3616
Lmfao ???????... yall mad....
Selfie Goodnight ✌
LMFAO Oooooo wwweeee.... could say a few things on this one but imma keep my mouth shut.....? Rp
Trueshit Life Happiness IDGAF
Hahahaha @indiabutler @gemini6_15 @butlerboss TBT
TBT  @heres_johnny85 @butlerboss @mixeddiego @jonb_the_great Family
TBT  Abac Collegelife Collegefreshman 2008 @ashlynisrandom
TBT  @dont_loaf lol
TBT  good ole ABAC days Collegelife Freshman @ashlynisrandom
My baby about to go out in this freaking wind
Just sit back and watch...?
........ ??
Lmao!! It gotta be like that sometimes....
Lost photo of when Kaiden was just born ??..
Wide awake and bored
Enough said....
Home chillin with my boys ?
My night lol. Lil butt knocked out but he'll be up in the next 10 min smh
My little man! @bhop_3616
I love you mommy! Thank you for still putting up with me till this day and for all that you do @indiabutler
My little man ??????
The 2 loves of my life ???? @bhop_3616
This is to everyone who thinks I've turned into a bitch.. I just don't have time for your bullshit or fake friendships
Omg who remembers this song?
My baby is holding his pacifier already lol. @bhop_3616 was taking too long to post the pic
My little man is coming home!!!
Stolen from @kiingteezy lol. My baby is a heart breaker already
My little man ???
Our little man @bhop_3616
Truth Rp GFIssues
Goodnight again from Kaiden!