Kuala Lumpur, MY | J Smith
Luwak coffee Liquid Lunch
2014 CIMB The Color Run & more weekend like this, please. ❤️ Colors Of Carnival
Happiest 5K CIMB The Color Run turned my Nike Free Run 2.0 to this beautiful Ombre Colors Of Carnival
And this...
Woke up to this breathtaking view
My thoughts & prayers go out to all crews & passengers of MH370. Stay strong. PrayforMH370
Meowww Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok
Ssuuupppp Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok
Rooftop chilling sessshhh
Sawadika, greetings from Bangkok, Thailand
Morning Brief Walking by the hills. Chilly, coolly, & breezy.
Weekend Retreat on the top of the hills, between the rainforest. Perfect view & weather. Serenity.
Experienced a panoramic & splendid view of the jungle & KL area from the top of this vantage point. I'm sooooo impressed!
Yesterday, Canopy Walk with ma' boisss
Spent a couple of hours here on Weekend for an extended afternoon meal with my Favorite Human
Thank you Jonas, Bo, & Silas! Urbanscapes Satellite Show Mew Live In KL
With his falsetto voice Urbanscapes Satellite Show Mew Live In KL
I just can't get enough. Watched Mew live, last nite. Unbelievable, they finally came here. Urbanscapes Satellite Show Mew Live In KL
Sun is warm, grass is green. And I am sooo Zen
Was in Singapore & chillin' with my Favorite Humans
Adidas 70's SL 72 on Matt's feet
My leisure wear when in kampung. And Happy Malaysia Day!
Mini-reunion & BBQ fun time with families at Dad's Hometown
Rain bathing, grasses, mud, & post rock. I miss this. Sigur Ros live in SG & KL 2012.
Still in raya mood. Was at Mun's place for her Open House & Backyard BBQ. Love all the homemade foods & desserts. And of course, Mun's beautiful-nice-ambiance Backyard Garden too! Such a right time to chill & gather with closed friends & families.
Pool Dive
Close your eyes, and think of something nice
Evening over dinner
Our room at Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa. Just right in front of the pool!
My outfit on 2nd day of Syawal
Enjoy spending weekend for good foods Chilling Weekend
Need some greeny to see, some fresh air to breath, some water splashes & RAIN absolutely! Haze please go away. Kuala Lumpur Haze Attack
Overnight, turned all grey Turn Your Lights Down Low
Bonding time Rabbits Animal Park
Into the wild Woods Japanese Tea Garden
2013 Re-visiting Castles Ville
Evening Brief Walking by the Hills
Birthday gift for the dearest brother Nike Stefan Janoski
Malaysian 13th General Election GE13 Edible Ink
Anyonyonyo Kittens Mew Mew
VGA Festival Digital Art Brainfeeder Nosaj Thing
Brang along Miss Margarite to VGA Festival
Sunset By The Beach #nofilter
Haji Lane, Singapore
#DrMartens #firstandforever
Love The Atmosphere & Surrounding Here Flowers, Petal, & Trees Are Everywhere
Counsin's Garden Wedding
Shall we proceed Backpacking again?
65daysofstatic Live In KL