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Good morning Waco. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
Flawless. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
When I was in high school all I wanted to do was hop on a train and just go wherever it took me. 5 yrs later and its still one of my biggest dreams. ...but now I'm a little bit wiser and have realized its probably not a smart idea. Vscocam VSCO
If anyone knows the importance of words, its this dude, Micah Bournes. I saw him perform for a 2nd time at CG last night and it was amazing. Also, do yourself a solid and check out his work on spotify! Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
"When you picture your life and what you want it to be, its so much easier to get there with someone whose strengths are your weaknesses and their weaknesses are your strengths. For example, a lot of times I can get really serious and focused but one thing that drives me crazy that I hate and love about him is that he has the ability to stay child-like in his faith and at home. He's always having fun and wanting to play and I need someone like that to keep me light, on my toes, and so I don't take life too seriously." Portrait 41 Brin. 23. Other Half II. SURPRISE! Here's another portrait because.. why not? 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO wacoisawonderland
"She is so many things that I'm not. She's organized, she's on time, she's the dreamer and the one with ideas. Where as I naturally don't tend to have that many ideas or be super passionate but when we're together she brings that in and I'm able to be consistent and help us follow through on what we are pursuing. I'm steady and faithful and she's the visionary." Portrait 40 Alex. 23. Other Half. 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO wacoisawonderland
Tomorrow starts a new week and it will be WAY better than the last. It will be the best week you have had in your life so far. Declare it. Believe it. Receive it. Its going to happen. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
Dallas pedestrians.. Vscocam VSCO
New season, new prof pic. Frat snaps to @prisciladealba for this photo! Wacoisawonderland
I just want to be here but instead I'm studying on a Friday night. Lolwut Vscocam VSCO
Home sweet home. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
Holding on to the wise words of @johannasix this morning. "Find the peace, let that guide you." Whyisshestillsingle Vscocam VSCO
This morning I celebrated the 1st day of Fall with this babe! Wacoisawonderland Vscocam VSCO
"Part of pursuing the arts is saying that we as a people of God are going to tap into the gifts we have, freely and fully, so we can show the world who created it originally. We should be steadily producing excellent work for his glory and honor." Portrait 39 Ryan. 21. God&Art. Also, when you see this dude make sure to give him a pat on the back and a high five because he just got signed by Baylor's music label, Uproar Records, and is the first rapper to get signed!
This weekend was on another level! Wmconf Wacoisawonderland Vscocam VSCO
My desire to do everything BUT homework + Grace's brains + Jeff and Josh's studlyness = THIS. Can't believe my year long project is almost over and that its hanging in my house! Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
The best part about your photo being in the World Mandate booklet is that its of your best friend! Lo is an inspiration and probably the most pure hearted woman I know. She's in town for a weekish till she leaves for India, make sure to swing by The Cabin and say hi!
Play me a song..
World Mandate is tomorrow, so here's another pic of Mongolia cause I still have 1,000 left. Vscocam VSCO
"In the following weeks after the September 11th tragedy, and even years, I really enjoyed coming home and watching Peter Jennings and hearing him report from Iraq as we were getting ready to go to war and seeing him in the barricades with the troops. You and I and most people who read this probably haven't ever had the chance to go to Iraq and be there with the soldiers, and to have people like that, who can go there, be where we cant be, and tell us whats going on, and ask the questions that we want to know the answers to, is so important and vital in our society. They are being that voice for us and also giving people a voice for themselves. As a Christian I think that is also fundamentally instilled in me because if you think about what we get Gods word from, its the Bible, its scripture. In every sense of the word I think Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were journalist. They were the journalist of their time, they were called by God to document his story and to tell it, to speak to people, to ask question, to give insight. And here we are 2000 odd years later looking at their stories that they told, inspired by God and for his glory. By no means am I writing the gospel or telling it but I am telling the story of God because he's at work here in Waco, in Temple, in Belton, and all of Central Texas area, whether its through a tradgedy or a victory. I really believe that journalist, whether they realize it or not, are such a huge tool for God." Portrait 38 Anthony. 22. Story Teller. 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO
Nostalgia. Vscocam VSCO
Heres a picture of the most stunning Latin woman you will ever meet.. the one and only, Priscilla De Alba. Also after almost 3 weeks without a lens Weback ;) Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
I spent most of tonight listening to strangers talk about their deepest passions and its probably the best and most refreshing thing I've done all month. Now ask me how much homework I've done. None! Or what this caption has to do with this picture. Nothing! K. Bye. Whpbwlandscapes Vscocam VSCO
We're all on an adventure. It may not look like this everyday but its still just as epic. Whpbwlandscapes Vscocam VSCO Monglorya Mongolia
Oh, Mongolia. Whpbwlandscapes Vscocam VSCO Monglorya Mongolia
"I was sixteen and I beat out two Seniors for the drum major position in band. My teacher was trying to get me to be very aggressive and mean towards the band but that's not who I am. I couldn't do that because that's not right. One day he called me out in front of the whole band and said "You call yourself a leader? You're dead weight, you're worthless to this band. You can't do anything right." That broke me. I had a passion and heart for music and all of a sudden it was dead. I dreaded band every day because he would always say things like that to me. I started hating that man. He made me feel less than human. He made me question myself about who I believed I was. He made me feel worthless and the smiling guy you know was once hindered because of those words. Until one day my mom came to me and said "You have so much hatred towards him but you don't realize that you're just poisoning yourself. The good and tender-hearted person you are will be gone if you allow this to fester in you." I didn't want to be a hypocrite telling people, "Hey love your enemy.", when I couldn't even do that. So that was the moment when I realized I needed to do what I preach and forgive him." Portrait 37 David. 19. Forgive the Unforgivable II 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO wacoisawonderland
There's something about seeing your work off of a computer screen and in front of you in a more tangible form. You just can't help but feel proud.. VSCO Vscocam Wacoisawonderland
"We have been given a gift, don't let the business of life forget it." -Momma Wible These two lookers are my parents, the two most selfless, hardworking, passionate people know. They have laid everything down so my brother and I can have more than what they ever dreamed of. I love them and I want to be like them. I usually dont post pictures of my family but when a wise woman tells you life is short and not forever so slow down and enjoy it, I have to stop and do exactly that. I think we all should. Be thankful today. Call your mom, your dad, your best friend, your siblings and tell them why you love them. You won't regret it. VSCO Vscocam
Happy birthday Bri, crazy to think that this picture if a year old! I am so thankful you were born! You are one of the most refreshing people I know. You are so trustworthy and raw. You are a safe place, there's never been a time I've felt judged by you. You're one of my best friends and your friendship has blessed me more than you know. I miss being your roommate and waking up to your alarm going off for five minutes but I'm glad that you're onto bigger and better with your life. From glory to glory. VSCO Vscocam
This class is boring and I STILL hate math. Take me back to the Gloryland, God. Vscocam VSCO Monglorya Mongolia ubeveryday ulaanbaatar
Yall, my church's worship album comes out NEXT WEEK and I'm so stoked! The last album "Our God Comes" was playing in my car for forever so I know that "It is Finished" is going to be everything I dreamed and hoped for AND MORE. Do yourself a favor and follow @antiochlive and pre-order the album NOW! You won't regret it. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
Hey Dallas, its always a pleasure and thanks @grazysquare @yanwong13 Instalessperp for being my safe haven. Vscocam VSCO
"One day I was visiting my dad on the East Coast, and we were driving back from his work and he started apologizing. He said "I'm really sorry for what I did to your mom and not doing what I should've done." For me, that was an impactful moment because he did betray us, he did mess up, he did cheat on my mom, he did leave us for someone else and didnt try to make it work but he apologized for his mistakes. And it takes a lot to humble yourself, especially to your children. " Portrait 36 Cody. 18. Forgive the Unforgivable.
Already planning my summer adventure. Too soon? Nah. VSCO Vscocam
Here's a promise from God just in case you're feeling like me and need a little truth tonight. "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
Today is going to be an incredible day. Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
I'm not going to lie, lately, life has been kicking my butt like never before, so bad that at times the only words I have to really describe how I'm feeling are explicits. At time I feel a bit lost, like I am completely submerged in the chaos. But, I'm not. I have a Savior who fights for me and cares for me more than I care about myself. A Savior who forgives me even when I do things that I believe are unforgivable, who loves me when I feel I am unlovable. I'm not posting this to make you feel bad for me or to find some sort of comfort, I know I'll be fine, I know that in 3 months I'll look back at this season and probably get a kick out of it and be thankful for it. I'm posting this because I know I'm not the only one feeling a little.. shambly.. and if you too feel like you're drowning in the metaphorical sea of life I want you to know that you're an over-comer and you're not alone. We're going to make it. Somehow, we will thrive and we'll reach the other side, victorious. Untill then, I guess lets just listen to the wise words of Dory and "Just keep swimming." Vscocam VSCO Wacoisawonderland
Missing the Mongolian glory and my team .... and the giggles. Vscocam VSCO Monglorya Mongolia
Good night Mongolia and good morning America. Vscocam VSCO Mongolia Monglorya
"I believe everyone was made to thrive and so it only makes sense to feed yourself real food instead of processed chemicals, that way you can feel your best. Its only beneficial for you so why would you not do it? " Portrait 35 Julie. 22. Thrive. 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO
There's a cry and yearn in our hearts to fight the good fight but when we go into the battle and get pummeled to the ground we come back with no dignity. We call ourselves defeated. We drag our feet and stare at the ground like if we dont know any better. Like if we forgot that our Savior already saved us and that this war was already fought, and only ONE was declared victor and his name is Jesus. And because of him we already are victorious. But it doesn't mean that there wont be any trials or temptations, it just means that at the end of the day, before you lay your head down you know thats who you are. You are victorious. Open your eyes and see reality. You are victorious. Regardless of your emotions and circumstances. You. Are. Victorious. Haha! Rejoice! You! Are! Victorious! WE ARE VICTORIOUS!
One thing I've been wanting to do is break the invisible social media walls and give you a few more facts about myself than what you see on my about me section and posts (which is probs not much). So, since I turned 22 last week here are 22 random facts about me... that took 2 days for me to come up with. 1.I am a first generation American 2. Sometimes people mistaken me to be Asian but I'm definitely Hispanic. 3. I was born in LA but I've lived in Waco for more than half of my life 4. I have 7 roommates and its a blast. 5. I am obsessed with Adele's music.. for real. So much that I refer to her a "The Queen" and like to brag that I probably know her music better than she does. 6. I have never broken a bone. 7. I've been a "photographer" aka owned a fancy camera for a year. 8. I have had dreads.. twice. 9. I don't like spicy food. 10. I hate romantic movies 11. I'm a dreamer. It might as well be my occupation. 12. Speaking of dreaming.. my dream job is to be a photojournalist for National Geographic. 13. I was named after an old white lady. 14. I don't know the true pronunciation of my last name. 15. I have four tattoos. 16. I hate small talk. 17. Next year, my only goal is to have an English Bulldog name Crumpets. 18. Sometimes I like to sing songs in different voices... especially my metal voice. 19. I am an introvert 20. I believe that I could be a nascar driver and kick butt. I am an incredible driver. Fast, safe, and fierce. 21. Wacoisawonderland was started in a season of my life where God was showing me how to see beauty in my own brokenness, which transfered into seeing beauty in every day life. 22. While I was in Mongolia I fell in a manhole.. and survived.
Fun times with Brookie:) VSCO Vscocam
Today was my first day back to school full-time in 3 years. This isn't a picture of MCC but it might as well be. Mongolia Monglorya Vscocam VSCO
I know we've only been back for a couple of weeks but I'm ready for another adventure. Vscocam VSCO
"My dad loves talking to people but he doesn't talk about random things like the Cowboys and how they're doing but he makes sure to have intentional conversations with people. My mom is one the hardest working people I know. She's basically superwoman. Arthur, my older brother, loves to prove people wrong, so even though others might not have had high hopes for him he made sure to go above and beyond with school and his job. He also never goes back on his word. Jim, my younger brother, gets along with everyone and I think he knows me almost as well as my mom does. He's relate-able and really easy to talk to. I love my family. We're very close but we're different. Portrait 34 Priscilla. 21. Pichon 52portraits52wks Vscocam VSCO And after being behind for two weeks I'm finally caught up:) Btw I have the privilege of sharing a room with this woman. Cant wait for a year of pillow talk. (Jk. We don't do that)
"I have a severe allergy to tree nuts and a pretty large assortment of other things but even though its hard I'm not limited by it. My allergies don't get to dictate my joy or my decisions. They may have a factor but I can still live life with them." Portrait 33 Ashley. 20. Allergyportrait Portrait inspired @rayneutron 52portraits52wks Vscocam vsco wacoisawonderland
I'm currently in a season where I need encouragement because lately it's been a little rough. Well, yesterday was my birthday and yall, my friends ROCK. Thank you for every positive word that was sent my way, no matter how small you think it was it probably made me cry. I realize that not a lot of people arent fortunate to have a community and support system like mine. I'm so stinkin blessed. Also, a yr ago some of my friends purchased me a camera well.. yesterday they got me a GUITAR! out Taylor Swift!
Thankful for roommates who are musically talented. For real. VSCO Vscocam Wacoisawonderland
Tomorrow is my birthday :0 VSCO Vscocam