Juan Carlos Salgado


System engineer, diver, guitarist and photographer
Free country
Look up Ballett
Flight free
Autumn colors
The hotel Llao
Mountain and
Autum forest
Lopez Mountain
The Rose
Lake partner
Lanin Volcano
Moon and the
North o South
Seagull in the
The space
The mountain
Fiber light
Cerro del Buque
The volcano in
Seagull flying
Sunrise in the
Volcan Lanin
The Bee and the
Hit the road
Let's pray Pray
Mom and son
The Guanacos
The moon
Sailboat at
The mountains
Night and day
The cow Rural
Sunset tree
The red girl
San Martin
The moon Pic
The house in
Lights errors
Dam view
Sunrise 005
Sunrise 004
Sunrise 003
Sunrise 002
Sunrise 001
The Guardian
The look of the
Vintage Car
Tiny girl water
Two horses
Two parrots
Sunrise in the
Sunrise at the
The mansion
Full Moon Urban
The stars
Eagle guardian
Building the
Fly away Clouds
Came to my
Sunflowers from
The ostrich and
The ostrich in
Cow eating
Torre Alvear
The mill and
Elevation Girl
The sunflowers
Light the sky
Cloud texture
Waterfall bird
Another point
Guanacos Nature
Selfie time
The doll Doll
Urraca de
Into the wild
The sunflowers
We are a light
What will we do
Full moon
Lonely ship
Lagartija Macro
Paraná Guazú
Chinese Ballet
Are we part of
I drop my cell
Top of the roof
You can get

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