I'm no professional. Just taking snapshots of my life via my phone!
Foggy Morning Road Going To Work
Sunrise outside my home
Awards Ceremony Night Out Dancing Awards Ceremony Norfolk Dining Room
Chimpanzee at St Louis Zoo Missouri
Sealion at St. Louis zoo, Missouri Sealion  Zoo Missouri St Louis Holiday
A view from our holiday lodge Forest Holiday Green St Louis Missouri
The great british summer Rain Bus Ride Going Home
A recovered photo from a trip to Spain. This cat was a friendly stray and the photo itself was a complete accident! SPAIN Cat Holiday
Rainbow cake! Rainbow Cake
Garden Moth Insect
Adorable! Dog Happy
Waiting to go home Bus Stop Waiting For The Bus Hometime
Tea with friends Taking Photos My Desk At Work Origami Tea Bored Cup Of Tea
Another day at my desk Origami Desk My Desk At Work Bored
Follow-up to previous flower picture Flowers Decay Wilted Flower Pebbles Garden
Going home Sky Car Park Sunset Going Home Hospital
Flower Garden Pink Flower Pebbles Pink
Flowers Nature Daisies
Crow Nature Feeding  Bird Wildlife
farm beside coombe First Eyeem Photo Farmland Landscape Sky Horizon