its nikki bruhh


i am weird and different.. original. and I'm chill with u if u chill with me. REMEMBER:everyone is a picture, but will u take time look at it??
The lecture
Dont my d the bullshit
Hug a tree
Truth Be Told
I am an artist and i personally drew this picture, yes i took a pi of the pic? and if u ever want me to draw u something justvlet me no and ill do it
Breath taking
It was a wonderful time in MB south Carolina i honestly got lucky with taking this picture.. I feel proud iof it
Get it
Do it i dare you ?
Love who you atre ?????
Smile through your pain
I found this all alone by its self sone what like me
Have a laugh
The perfect weirdo to lighten your day
Fading away slowly but surely
Think about it??
Be who you are and live a life ? First Eyeem Photo