Nicole Andretschuk


13. Germany. Bad Dürkheim. Choir. Little actress. Guitarist. Gleek. Darren Criss. Chris Colfer. Klaine. CrissColfer.
New Hair Preference Ombre
Modelling At Home Bored Before Guitar Lesson
At Home Blumenmädchen Auf Einer Hochzeit Vor Unserer Zeit
DarrenCriss Darrenas A Pickachu TCAs 2013 Darrenmon not pokemon. :D
DarrenCriss Me As A Perfekt Imitator Living In Bad Dürkheim
Funky Nails 2hours Yesterday
Great Day With My Friends Yolo Power luv u.
My Cat Forever♥
Things That Are Green Silo Krk  Holidays.
Me With Red Hair Hipster Style Bad Dürkheim At Home
Darren Criss Playing His Guitar Luv him. Capa Filter
Curly Haired Nicole ♡ Mum Said Like A Model :) Thanks Kurt ♥
:* Blaine Anderson New Style New Yorker Frankenthal Haha. xD