kawasaki misayo

10mm-photographic studio. JPN/okayama
kawasaki misayo
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one person
Rear view of man walking on footpath amidst buildings
Rear view of silhouette man standing in building
Text on wall of building
High angle view of empty seats on table at home
Low angle view of old building
Rusty metal door of old building
Interior of abandoned building
Low angle view of clothes hanging on building against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Directly above shot of tiled wall
Narrow lane amidst buildings in city
Bare tree on beach against sky
Empty chairs and table against window
Interior of office building
Train on railroad track
Close-up of white flowering plant against black background
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Close-up of purple flowering plant
Side view of man against wall in building
Close-up of pink cherry blossom
Close-up of snow on plant
Close-up of plant against wall
Low angle view of flag against sky
Horse riding motorcycle
Empty chairs and table in restaurant
Scenic view of frozen lake against sky
Corridor of building
Empty chairs and table against window
Chairs on glass window of building
Empty chairs and table at home
Close-up of empty seats on table
High angle view of piano keys
High angle view of sea
Close-up of wet plant during rainy season
Full frame shot of plants
Close-up of moss growing on tree trunk
Full frame shot of rock in lake
Close-up of leaves in water
Autumn leaves on snow covered land
Full frame shot of dry leaves
Scenic view of trees in forest against sky during autumn
Woman standing on field
Rear view of woman standing against building
Interior of abandoned room
Low section of man walking on staircase
Low section of man on wooden floor
Man standing against illuminated wall in tunnel
animal themes
Interior of illuminated building
People walking on street amidst buildings in city
People standing on snow covered land
High angle view of people skiing on snow
Man with umbrella on snow
Low angle view of building against sky
High angle view of mushroom growing on field
Woman standing on cherry blossom tree
Close-up of pink cherry blossom
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Trees growing in forest
High angle view of waves splashing on sea
Man walking on snow covered field against sky
Frozen lake against clear sky
Young man standing on snowcapped mountain against sky
Interior of abandoned building
Portrait of cat relaxing by window
Staircase of building
Woman lying on sofa at home
Abandoned wooden floor in house
Seagulls flying over canal in city
High angle view of lake amidst trees
Close-up of flowering plant against sea
Low angle view of building
Rear view of man standing in subway building
People sitting outside temple
Rear view of two people
Rear view of people walking by trees during autumn
Close-up of leaves over black background
Close-up of pine tree
Close-up of wilted plant hanging outdoors
Arch bridge in park
Built structure on land amidst trees and buildings against sky