nicky xmakes


all my own photos. no selfies, no food. gs3.. finepix 100. melbourne Aus. IG nickyxmakes
sculpture biennale by the sea Sculpture Biennale Lorne
doors within doors Abandoned Building Urbex Rsa_derelict Doorporn
streetart on a bigger scale by Adnate from the AWOL Crew in Hosier Lane Streetart
Melbourne city skyline from the west Skyline Melbourne
twilight at an Abandoned Factory in Melbourne Graffiti
rashe. Abandoned Building Graffiti AWOL Crew Rashe
I am skulk Streetart Skulk
urbex abandoned school Urbex Abandoned Places Windowporn
sage Graffiti Streetart Hosier Lane
pair of beautiful lorikeets in the hollow of a tree Commuting Birds Animals
sweet old bayside house
outdoor bathing facilities
disused primary school
Shida in Abandoned Places Urbexexploring old factory . Graffuturism
Slicer from AWOL Crew on a concrete block in Abandoned Places Urbexexploring
Eno Shida Two One Taylurk collaboration wall in melbourne
Streetart by RAD conrad bizjak. Boxer with red gloves. Graffuturism
Streetart by Facter of a mutant robot deepsea Fish in Technicolor
Rollerdoor Streetart Graffiti by Voir
characters Graffiti faces in South Melbourne by Voir Streetart
Abandoned Places Urbexexploring live wires at an abandoned power station. Vintage Signs Alive
Sofles Graffiti Streetart copyright in Melbourne
Streetart by Shida artist of a Bird like creature on a high concrete Wall
Streetart by Two One artist of a Wolf howling on a high concrete Wall
Rone Streetart in Collingwood of a beautiful face on the side of a House
Kid Zoom Throwie, under a bridge Graffiti in Melbourne
All Your Walls in Hosier Lane Graffuturism piece by Binge
Derelict mental asylum Urbexexploring Abandoned Places Graffiti by georg
in thru the out door. Abandoned Places Urbexexploring Derelict Graffiti
Graffiti by Ghost in the bright Sunshine of a Melbourne spring day
Graffiti Wildstyle Industrial walls out west.
Full Moon thru Barbed Wire fence in Footscray
Shida stunning Streetart in melbournes Laneways Abstract
Lurking in Abandoned Places with Graffiti
Dsire rock god crew Graffiti piece in Hosier Lane for All Your Walls
Shadow Mexican Restaurant Monochrome at lorne beach
Rashe Graffiti in Abandoned Places disused factory chemical storage Tank
Pasteup Streetart parody of Miley Cyrus & Twerking
Graffiti in Abandoned Places Urbexexploring Derelict
makeover in Hosier Lane for All Your Walls Graffiti & Streetart
rooster Graffiti in Abandoned Places MentalAsylum by Snowy Boy
Be Free Streetart in an Abandoned Places old butchers shop Stencil
Abandoned Places Graffiti Theres Always A Chair Urbexexploring
Urbexexploring Abandoned Places Graffiti Where I Shouldnt Be
Mio toilet attendant at Lorne Beach with matching bins
Lost Kids Graffiti Streetart Hands
Union Lane Graffiti Streetart Monochrome
Stencil of Breaking Bad character in Abandoned Places Walter White
Graffiti by Dem189 & Plea Graffuturism
Graffiti in Abandoned Places Wildstyle Old School
Graffiti by Atomik Streetart in Laneways
giant mural Streetart Graffiti in Fitzroy
Anthony Lister posing beside his Ballerina in Melbourne Streetart
Anthony Lister touching up his Ballerina Streetart in Melbourne
Burner Melbourne Graffiti in Brunswick
Leopard graffiti Streetart in melbourne Laneways by artist Deb visiting home from San Francisco
Graffiti in Abandoned Places Balls & Cupcakes & american indians
Graffiti by Rashe in Brunswick Streetart
Graffiti by Phibs Streetart Monster
Ha Ha Stencil of Andy Warhol . Streetart
giant Pig turning into Sausages Graffiti in Abandoned Places
Hancock Kaffeine & Taylurk artists work in Fitzroy laneway
Kaffeine Pony on the loose in a fitzroy alleyway Throwie on 2 pieces of timber
Stencil by Ha Ha of Nicole Kidman and others at Section 8
Graffiti Skull with razor fangs by Oksep on a Brick Wall
Streetart by the Smick One of a lady in Black And White Melbourne CBD
Peelingpaint Wallporn Fire Extinguisher Red
Wallporn Peelingpaint 1870's derelict ballroom at the Abbotsford Convent
Coloursplash of blue with Mio and Barek mermaid .Streetart
Flame Tree at Abbotsford Convent bright Red Flowers
Trim sdm Graffiti Streetart on the side of a house. good enough to eat
Silos at porsche Melbourne are coming down. great Shadows from the Scaffolding
DVATE sdm crew Melbourne Graffiti Streetart Everfresh
Makatron and Mayo with Bailer and giant tranny rats Graffiti
gesturing Hands with Fingers Flipping The Bird Streetart in hosier lane
Doorporn Tags Graffiti with Meat
Barek Yeti and a tiny paper Boat Pasteup
Graffiti Abandoned Places Derelict Peps
Graffiti Hola Streetart Obe
Nils Westergard Stencil on a Rollerdoor of a smoking man Streetart at its best
Bird Graffiti by artist Facter Streetart
Phoenix The Streetartist Pasteup of Paris Hilton Y
Horse Mural by artist Two One
Tags by old crow in an Abandoned Factory now demolished
Graffiti wall with Sirum & Break in the community basketball court
Koe1 Pasteup of a Woman
Two One Wolf Streetart Mural
Collaboration between artists Two One Stabs and Nielsoeltegen
eye of the tiger Camoflauge Cat on the bed
Home Sweet Home Stencil on the front step of the Pub in Collingwood
long bluehair & blue eyes, Streetart Mural by Vanderlism in Fitzroy
Pasteup of a sassy female by Compleks vavavoom
Abandoned Places School Graffiti Where I Shouldnt Be
Signal Box Mayonaize Calligraffiti Fitzroy
S4be7h & Props Graffiti writers Streetart in melburn
husband & wife team Sup & DVATE Sdm Crew
Pasteup Warhol 15 Minutes of fame
Graffiti in an Abandoned Factory by Simz
Will Coles Sculpture in a Laneway teeth embedded in a Donut
Abandoned Places School Where I Shouldnt Be Graffiti