Rooftop Missyouguys Arma Staring The Star 🌟
T_T.. Sunday.. Sundaywork Boring Times Cheese!
My new baby.. Mini phone.. haha.. Working
No caption.. Ilovemycat Cheese!
She's my true love.. Love you.. Throwbackconvoday Peace And Love Perak, #Malaysia
Read this.. Relaxing Hello World Perak, #Malaysia
Chocolate 🍫 and panda 🐼 .. Relaxing
I'm sleepy right now... Ilovemycat Relaxing
Growing Better ever never get sun.. Convocationday
Done for today.. Convocationday ..Yeyy!! Uitmseriiskandar
It's the day.. Convocation Ceremony... 😍😘😍😘 Convocationday
Miss this 'guy'.. Wait me at home, 👌... Convocationday Aroundthecorner Graduationtomorrow
On the way back to Ipoh.. Convocationday Aroundthecorner... Uitmseriiskandar Perak Malaysia
Ipoh, I'm coming.. Convocationday Aroundthecorner Arma
Sleep in the bathroom.. 🛀 😪😪..hehe.. Ilovemycat ..It name Adik.. Relaxing
Wanna play?? Ilovemycat Playing With The Animals
😊😆 So fun today.. Relaxing Shopping
The way it sleep 😴.. I Love My Cat
Waiting to eat.. 🙀🙀🙀 Miao.. I Love My Cat Eat Me...Now! XOXO~
Face of family.. I Love My Cat Relaxing
Open your eyes, baby.. Please!! I Love My Cat
Hey men!! I need your help.. 😵😵
First Eyeem Photo