Whatever else God wants :)))❤
EyeEm Selects Jangle Smile :) ☔️ Rainydays My sister,Sara😚♥️
EyeEm Selects Black And White Children 🎈👻 Games Hananeh😄🖤
EyeEm Selects Arbaeen Karbala Eating tea is your dream..😞♥️ Or Hussein (AS)
EyeEm Selects Fall Colors Foliage Orange And Yellow Unwillingness to fall I remember late for each other Throws away No fall down to rain And not my desire to lose you ...🍁🍂🧡🙃
EyeEm Selects Day Helma Sadat😄♥️
Black And White Friday EyeEm Selects The last breath of the fish..🦈🧡 Animal Themes
Rain is rain, it is a glass of a window that is washed away from my heart, but who will wash your face?!🙂💦🌧
War for the cause and reaching the goal: witness ... anonymous!🙏🏻♥️
From crystal!♥️🤦🏻‍♀️
Tea Flower😌
Karbala-Najaf road❤ Helma Sadat :)
My Father.. :)❤
You're my other half, you are my all❤
The world of childhood!👼😞❤
Smile :))❤
To Karbala!🙏❤
Start the journey😊🌷
Imam Khomeini International Airport!!😎✈
Call rain bring calm to the hearts of weary ...🌂💦💧
Ocean life can Bchrkhany have to prove yourself and to all of you !! Mytvnay😊❤
The other is open to anyone it does not work...😖😟💔
What did you do with my ruins your heart? What did you see my crazy love...❤😟
A good view is like smelling a flower sticks!☺🌸
Chitgar lake!!☺💚
Power saw his eyes should !!😑
Fish are eating snack on the lake!!😊🐟🍡🍣
Hlma are smelling flowers and smiling with Khalhash in Sousse heights !!😊👓
خیلي بده همون سلام اول، نگران روز خداحافظي باشي. انگار بعضيا، از لحظه ي اومدن، داغ رفتن رو روي دلت مي ذارن. درست وقتي مي خواي حرف بزني، مي خواي بهش بگي؛ باش، بمون، با تو حالم خوبه.. از چشماش مي خوني كه بايد سكوت كني. از نگاهش مي فهمي كه بايد سكوت كني و خودت رو پيشش جا بذاري. من فكر مي كنم ما توي زندگي، همينقدر اختيار داريم، همينقدر حق انتخاب داريم كه بشينيم و رفتن يكي ديگه رو سير تماشا كنيم. ما دقيقا همينقدر مختاريم. . مي دوني؛ من هيچوقت درك نكردم، اصلا چرا بايد روزي، آدمي رو ببينم كه وقت رفتنش، وجودم رو با خودش مي بره! ناشناس‌جـــــــان❤ :)
میان این همهـــ اگر،تـــ❤ـــو چه قدر بایـــدي!!!