Neal Nikkarachi


New level, new devils.
Bad Mood Family.
This just happened, tryumph & rkns.xi killed it 👌
Lavarachi | Corn Rows 😝
Faded at our last gig @ckingtherapper Lookinmexicano
BadMood Brothers
The Underground Assault.
Prepare for war, golden child.
When 1 drinks turns into 20. Trippyeyes Wasteynight
It's so trippy seeing an artists that was on Team Backpack in the same place you are, honoured to have been able to have a photo with @dalocksmith 😌 solid night!
'Twas an honour opening for @shadmoss with my BMM brothers. 💯
Top hat. 🎩
Just before we opened for Bow Wow. BMM | Elysium. Bowwow GoldCoast Bmm Beergarden
Progress. 🙈 Mindpower Motivated BadMood
Master of the universe.
June 25th! My BADMOOD Family & myself will be apart of The Underground Assault with TheViking N3! Hit us up on Facebook for details ! ☺️ Bmm BadMood N3 TheUndergroundAssault Boondox Blaze Kidcrusher
Before Bow Wow with the Elysium fam. Bowwow Elysium Bmm Rkns Tryumph GoldCoast Beergarden  Lavarachi DOPE
The night we opened for Bow Wow at Beer Garden in Surfers Paradise ! 👌BMM. BadMood Motivated Nikkarachi Rap TurnUp Tobitheprince Ursamajor Omega Brandonjames Superpower
They never thought we'd come this far. Beergarden  Bmm GoldCoast Bowwow Lavarachi Surfers Nightlife Kingin
Celebration of the brothers birthday 🎈🎊🎉 Birthday Celebration Edm Eatonshill
Eyes are the connection to the soul. 🔮
A bit blury but, dude had solid dreads 🍁
Bad mood.
Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being. Perception Vision Mind  Body Soul Positivity Awakened Selfhealing Eyes Beauty
I'll be supporting @devindude420 with my BMM brothers in less than 4 weeks at the Woolley Mammoth! 1st release tickets are sold out, 2nd release available. Hit me up for tickets before they run out! Devinthedude Smokeup Blazed Sessions Stoner Highlife BADMOODMOVEMENT Bmm Grilled
Coolin with Cking, Preech & Joel Turner at Cartel 👌 Cking Coolin Preech Joelturner Nikkarachi Lost Cartel Bmm Abcshots Tequila Munted Vip
Godline Poseidon Zeus Hades BadMood 3brothers
Blessed. Visonary Dreams Goals Bowwow GoldCoast Surfers Beergarden  Music XI Lavarachi BadMood Elysium DreamChasers Hustle Humble Blessed
Cartel | Lost. TurnUp
Last night at rics, met some pretty snazzy people 😌 solid night ! 👌
Tuesdays are good 👌
21st birthday breakfast.
Met someone who loves pugs just as much as me 😱 tupagolypse don't sleep! I look reptilian ahahaha 👌 Pugs Soul Reptilian Rics Turnt Pugarmy
Adapt or perish. BadMood
Ursa Major & myself have been blessed with being one of the support acts for The Outlawz : Tupacs 20th Anniversary Australia Tour. We are on the Gold Coast show & cant wait to bless the stage again. DM me for tickets! Outlawz Tupac 2pac Oldschool Rap Ursamajor Nikkarachi
Took my cornrows out, now I got my Afro back. 😂😂
The night I got way too munted & the bro philo had to look after me 😂👌 Munted Turnt Neveragain Tequila Tequilawasntthehealer Istilllovetequila Valley
Ursa Major & I have been given the opportunity to be one of the support acts for Madchilds show in Brisbane! We will shortly have hardcopy tickets, DM me for more info! Blessed  Madchild Brisbane Baxwar Baxwarfam Baxwarriors Woolymammoth Valley Nikkarachi Ursamajor Poseidon Zeus Godline
Adapt or perish, create evolution.
My ink. 🌹💕 Ink Music Life
When we rocked the crowd for Bow Wow in the Gold Coast. 👌 Truly an unforgettable experience.
I'm in a time machine & hearing Angels sing, but I'm on another Planet conversing with all the Herbs State of Elevation Mind  Body Soul Meditation Spirituality Metaphysical ThirdEye Shamanism Spiritualjourney
It's always a blessing to be on stage doing what you love. Hype man for @ckingtherapper & rocking that @_ursa.major_ hat 👌💯 Cking Music Festival Rap Multicultural Liveperformance Bmm Elysium
The beauty oozes out. 😆💖 Chakra  Essence Goddess Love
Zeus & Poseidon.
Morning juice 👌 Mood Juice
In the my mind I walk this path alone, no one hears my thoughts. Journey
I'm an elemental hybrid, power to the universe. Elemental Hybrid Alien Earth Universe Astral Lucid Timetraveller Riseofthephoenix Lavarachi
BMM. Omega
Blessings from the @theundergroundaustralia . Myself & Ursa Major got featured on there website as well as Brandon James & Sub & Creep! 👌
BADMOODMOVEMENT Family Brothers Riseofthephoenix
Miss harrydawg 😩 Harry Dog Shakey Stonerdog
New Track | Romance In The Starlight. Link in bio 😍👌 Lavarachi Scorpio Sagittarius Chilltrap Ascension Astral Music Soul Vibing Romance Passion Love
trapped in my conscience. Mood Travisscott FuckYou
Nikkarachi x 2Fazed x RKNS.XI
I wish you could see what I see. Astral Hollow Heart
'Twas an honour performing for the legendary @devindude420 with my BMM brothers! Y'all should've seen him onstage! Absolutely killed it 💯 Man last night was lit! Mood 420 Lit Night BadMood Blessed  Devinthedude Tobitheprince Bentley Cking Kudzai Turnt
Be apart of this insane line up & this crazy show! Hit me up for tickets!!
Guess who's supporting the legendary @devindude420 on September 24th? 😱 Myself and my BMM brothers will be!! 😱😍 I'm cooking up somethin real special just for this as well 👌 Devinthedude Bmm BadMood Cking Tobitheprince Hanzo Asma Bentley Lavarachi Nikkarachi Omega 420 Blaze Faded
Pie time after the open mic night at the Underdog Pub
Solid weekend, got to meet @jimisworld with @ckingtherapper Crack up night 😂 Friday Destiny Jimi Jackson Jimijackson Jimisworld Brisbane TurnUp Weekend DOPE
@elysium_music presents to you @slaughterhouse ! 😱 @joellortiz & @kxngcrooked hit the Gold Coast on November 11th ! 💯 @_ursa.major_ myself & @princeofthetrash will also be onstage as support act so get your tickets ASAP 👌 DM me for more info 😌 Slaughterhouse Joellortiz Kxngcrooked CrookedI Ursamajor Tobitheprince Nikkarachi Omegascorpii Poseidon Godline 3god GoldCoast Elysium BadMood Beergarden  Rap Music TurnUp Lit
Myself & Ursa Major got out entry posted on the Don't Funk Up Our Beats page! Jarrem Benton told us he liked it! Funkvolume Dfuob7 Jarrembenton Jarren Benton Funk Volume Ursamajor Nikkarachi Voteforus DOPE Destiny Music Rap HipHop
The land of Astral Hollow Heart. 🔮 Midnight Moonstar Mixtape Astral Love Destiny Starlight Romance
Sweet escapes to my midnight moon star 🌹 Midnight Moonstar Goddess Universe Astral Love
Captivate the moment 🙌 Blessed  Enlightened Positive
50 shades of Lavarachi. 😈🙊
Twinflame TwinSoul Astral Love Moon Goddess Magnetic Attraction
I saw you in my minds eye.. The same one you saw me with.. Astral Hollow Heart ThirdEye Soul Connection Moonstar Goddess
I'll be on Sydney Radio in a couple hours ! Tune in to HipHopKNECT & peep my interview 👌 I'll be talking about upcoming shows, songs and much more 😌 HipHop Music Radio Sydney Nikkarachi BadMood Brisbane Hiphoptv Rap Bmm
Follow your bliss. Recreate your reality. 💖 Astral Hollow Heart Follow Your Bliss Starlight Romance Twinflame
union, intimacy, magic. Astral Love Moon Goddess Starlight Romance
Justagame came through to Ascension for our pre-launch party. was lit af 👌 JustAGame Ascension Lavarachi Lit Astral Intoxication