IG @Shespoison
Icy baby
She leaves tomorrow morning 😢💙
Stop body shaming 🌊
A Colombian man, and a Puerto Rican women. United Colombia Puerto Rico
Educated women are worth more ✊🏽
Mixed by race, not emotions.
Los Angeles!
This'll be my main account to share and track my fitness journey. I'm currently at 47% body fat. MixedChick God's Beauty Pluzsize Fat
This is really my bestfriend y'all ❤️
They can't tell me anything 🤷🏽‍♀️
When you don't bother blending in your eyeshadow 😂😂😂
I'm Puerto Rican bitch. Not Israelian 😬
Messy hair
Baby 😜
Happy thanksgiving 😜
A Belizean and a BORI 🇵🇷
In Palm Springs!
I'm that mixed child everyone think I fit in their race with.
He's wild. 😂 Belizean
Lord knows how much I love this man. ☹️💖
Beauty is more deeper than that makeup on your face, you gotta search within your soul to fill up that empty space.
"Sometimes I tell him he's special to me and he doesn't believe it. If only he knew he's the only man I've woken up next to." Nay
His favorite gal 💁🏽 MixedChick LightskinA1
Never been one to play with...
I'm loved and I'm loving
Fourth year of being a lifeguard and I continue to gain weight. LOL lets hope I get me good 😩🙏🏽💖😂
Friend 💖
No filter needed God's Beauty That's Me Good Night
When you slick your hair and you look like a nigga 😂
Straightouttacompton Yourfavorite Losangeles
Blur fail. The very first
Beginner Art, Drawing, Creativity Pastel Colors
Ever feel like you're dead even when you're alive? Art, Drawing, Creativity
Live and let live 👻
Forever loved, B.
Thickthighs PrettyEyes
It ain't tricken if you got em...
Old to me new to you
That's Me Enjoying Life God's Beauty
I'm done now, goodnight.
living life like a Johnston.
Letting the brows grow. Process Eyebrows
Earlier today
I'm so hurt.
Lmao still in disbelief. How could I ever hurt my poor thing. Hoping insurance can still get it fixed. I don't want a new car. I love this 1996 Mitz. 😭😭😭😭
2:52am MOOD:
Something everyone needs to understand Enjoying Life Relaxing Peacemaking
The accuracy is real.
My lipstick is popping 👄
Bestfriend Precious 💕
Happy Holidays. 💕