IG @Shespoison
Icy baby
She leaves tomorrow morning 😢💙
Stop body shaming 🌊
A Colombian man, and a Puerto Rican women. United Colombia Puerto Rico
Educated women are worth more ✊🏽
Mixed by race, not emotions.
Los Angeles!
This'll be my main account to share and track my fitness journey. I'm currently at 47% body fat. MixedChick God's Beauty Pluzsize Fat
This is really my bestfriend y'all ❤️
They can't tell me anything 🤷🏽‍♀️
When you don't bother blending in your eyeshadow 😂😂😂
I'm Puerto Rican bitch. Not Israelian 😬
Messy hair
Baby 😜
Happy thanksgiving 😜
A Belizean and a BORI 🇵🇷
In Palm Springs!
I'm that mixed child everyone think I fit in their race with.
Ladies, this is what it's like dating a Belizean. He's wild. 😂 Belizean
Lord knows how much I love this man. ☹️💖
Beauty is more deeper than that makeup on your face, you gotta search within your soul to fill up that empty space.
"Sometimes I tell him he's special to me and he doesn't believe it. If only he knew he's the only man I've woken up next to." Nay
His favorite gal 💁🏽 MixedChick LightskinA1
Never been one to play with...
I'm loved and I'm loving
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