Natalie Victoria Mary-Kay Fritschi-Eggenberg


Isch mega lässig gsi…:) het spass gmacht!! danke nomel :) @_KLETTERHALLE SG
christmas-evenning… :D
Danke viel mol für da coole wiehnachtsgschänkli…finds mega cool dich als min beste kolegg zha…!! ;D
Welcome to the 20'th- CLUB..:-P
Paul colmann ;-)
Paul colmann@icf SG
yeah..i've got my new bed…!! ;-) thank you mum and Erik Becker for helping me!
. <3 .
dear lovely mom. since 20 j. are you by my side. i'll never forgeth you mom. allways in heart. thank you for all you've done for me. i love you! <3 in love your daughter, natalie.
I'm ready to meet my boyfriend.<3
me & my love.<3