jayden mommy


The mother of Jayden Raul Concepcion
My baby boy ❤
I never thought you would hurt me the way that you did but I guess people change and its my turn to change goodbye to the pass and hello to the future
Happy valentines day❤
Money on my mind (still got my money)
Hanging Out
Mommy and son❤him
Bitch dont know who she fucking with she about to cry though when I'm done with her
Trying to take a pic with the kids but they never stay still and out eyes are always in the kids lol
Me I look a mess haha
You did me wrong I did you wrong I take u back you take me back we got to stick it out and work it out
I <3 my family!!!!
Miss the summer time
( no competition) girl move on
Me and my loves my everything's
Me and my niece I love her so much!!
Jammin to music with my lill one
Best friends is always the number one thing you need in a relation ship love you I know are day is coming soon