Michael Nall


Wilcat Canyon panorama @ Starved Rock. Canyon Scenic Panorama Water
French Canyon @ Starved Rock in IL. Waterfall Nature Scenic Water
A small creek @ Starved Rock. Creek Nature Scenic Snow
St. Louis Canyon @ Starved Rock in IL. Waterfall Water Canyon Snow
Me in front of Wildcat Canyon @ Starved Rock state park in IL. Me Selfie Water Waterfall
Star trails over my garage from 5:30am to 6:20am.
Jojo posing for the camera...nah, just looking outside. Which the window served as perfect lighting. No filter used, just shot with my D5100 Cat Feline Portrait d5100 nofilterneeded greeneyes
Yesterday's sunrise with a silhouette. Sunrise Silohouette Sun Railroadcrossing sky bluesky
A Polaroid shot of the Fox River at Silver Springs sate park in IL. Using a Polaroid 215 with fujifilm 100c. Polaroid Polaroid Film Filmcamera fujifilm100c nofilterneeded
I came across these little falls on a creek while exploring. Waterfall Water Creek Nature scenery.
A shot of St. Louis Canyon at Starved Rock state park in Utica, IL. There are about 9 canyons that can have waterfalls after heavy rains. This was taken with my phone (galaxy S3) & processed with Snapseed. No Instagram filter was used. StarvedRock StarvedRock Waterfall Water canyon rocks scenery phonography snapseed statepark
My new(old) Polaroid 210 Land Speed camera resurrected after finding some Fujifilm 100C for it. Ah, the joys of shooting with film. Film Camera Filmcamera Polaroid polaroid landspeed LandSpeed old newtome
One of my best shots from 4thofjuly Fireworks last night. Taken with my Olympus digital camera. Light streaks lighttrails red fourthofjuly july4th
Lately I've had a thing for water droplets with reflections through it. Here's one from last week shot during the morning hours. Water Droplet Reflection Bokeh grass green macro closeup
The sunrise this morning about 5am (view from outside of work). Nofilter Phone Sunrise Morning clouds sky galaxys3 landscape scenery
I'm like most photographers, I'm not seen in many photos. So here's one of myself. And since I don't like how I look in pictures, I had to take one with my glass almost at full tint. Me Self Selfie Individual
Jojo "The Tiger" 2yrs ago. (my cat) Caught in the act of yawning & this was the result. Took this with my 35mm film SLR. Intstagram doesn't do this photo justice. The detail on his tongue is incredible! Cat Jojo Animal Feline companion 35mm SLR slr film loveoffilm nofilter tongue bestfriend pride&joy
A 5 exposure bracketed HDR shot of LakeStrini by my house. Processed with Photomatixpro HDR HDR landscape scenery lake water reflection sunset sky clouds
I'm surprised this fly kept still & let me get this close with my phone. Nofilter Macro Closeup Fly insect phonography phone galaxys3
After the rain... Nofilter Phone Macro Close -up droplet rain reflection phonography water dof DOF
Got off work early this morning & stopped by my favorite bridge to catch the sunrise. The sun was rising from the right. The bridge is one of the few swing bridges in the USA still standing. Sun Sunrise Bridge Swingbridge morning landscape
Close-up of a white dandelion. Taken with my Galaxy S3 using HDR mode. Dandelion Close -up Macro Plant hdr HDR galaxys3 phonography
Jojo lying on top of the the grill while watching the birds. Nofilter Cat Mainecoon Feline animal companion bestfriend catsofinstagram Jojo
Jojo doing what he does best lounging around & posing for pictures. Jojo Cat Pet Feline animal companion bestfriend mainecoon
A shot of barbwire that was hanging for a powerline tower. I shot this last summer. Barbwire Dof Dof Depthoffield wire perspective aperature
Yesterday's sunrise 3/14/13. Nofilter Sun Sunrise Sunlight HDR raysoflight powerlines reflection clouds sky
Sunrise this morning. Gotta love winter sunrises! Sun Sunrise Sky Clouds trees silhuette sunlight nofilter
LED Spiderweb...playing around with some LED lights. Lightpainting LED Color Light rainbow colorful
My first REAL 360x180 planet panorama. It's comprised up of 105 seperate shots. The black center is from where my tripod was. Panorama Planet 360x180 Globe instashots circle planetpanorma photooftheday instagram
Plant Macro Closeup Reflection water droplet waterdroplet flower nature purple stem rain
Sky Sun Clouds Blue trees
The heavy fog this morning Fog Sunrise Sun Powerline tower electric morning
Jojo chillin in the backyard.... HDR Jojo Closeup Cat animal feline
HDR Statue Figure Backyard ornament
Stargazer Lily Stargazer Lily Plant Nature flower HDR macro closeup
Morning sunrise Sunrise Sun Clouds Morning landscape scenery