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Sophisticated.Reading Coffee Lifeography Mobilephotography
Uncle Julio's. Mobilephotography Blackandwhite
Autumn Dreaming // Droidography NEM Landscapes
The Arrangement. Wedding Vscocam Blackandwhite Droidography
Morning bloom. Love the feel of nature on a gorgeous day. Vscocam Blackandwhite DroidEdit_BW Nature
Historical afternoon. History AMPt_community Blackandwhite
Cold Winter Nights. Droidography Winterscapes Capa Filter Snow
Football combine and recruitment. Interesting Morhersday Sports
Sweet Serenity. Blackandwhite NEM Black&white EyeEm Best Shots Open Edit
The setting. Lunch Still Life Blackandwhite Droidography
Morning Rituals usually start with a serious relationship with the bathroom. Grooming, reading and mental review of the tasks to tackle. Also known as, the mommy hideaway.
Misconceptions of Spring. Vscocam AMPt_community NEM Landscapes Droidography droi
Winter relativity. Vscocam Polarvortex
Classic Winter. DroidEdit Winterscapes NEM Landscapes Landscape
St. John. Reach for the potential. EyeEm Best Shots AMPt Community Architecture Ingress
Winter cottage // Mobilephotography Droidography NEM Landscapes EyeEm 5.0
The Arrangement. Vscocam Blackandwhite Wedding EyeEm Best Shots
[Directional Exit v.3] Vscocam Decim8 Droidography Street Photography
Vscocam AMPt_community DroidEdit_BW Blackandwhite
Mugged up. Holiday style. Latergram Holidays Vscocam
Germantown train station, winter scene. // tags: Vscocam DroidEdit Commuting Snow