Najid Yusoff


I'm not a photographer.. I'm nature lover ❤️
Muzium Samudera Ship Jack Sparrow Museum Ships⚓️⛵️🚢 Shipyard Building Tower Tall - High Container Ship Passenger Ship Tall Ship Shipwreck Tall Harbor
Street Lamp Sky Collection Cloudyday Cloud - Sky Street Lamps Street Photography Storm Cloud Street Light Sky Cloud - Sky Cloudscape Storm Dramatic Sky Cumulonimbus Lightning Cumulus Cloud
Ducklings 🦆 Bird Flamingo Water Flying Aerial View Lake Full Length Black Swan Animal Neck Swan Swimming Animal Swimming Freshwater Bird Floating In Water Mute Swan Water Bird White Swan Duck
Neon Blurred Background Lamp Light Lighting Oneplusphotography Shotononeplus Night Nightshot Nightphotography Tree Close-up Hanging Light
Light lamp lake view Shooting Lake Lake View Night View Lamp City Cityscape Illuminated Entertainment Neon Neon Colored Fluorescent Fluorescent Light
Blinked light Blur Blurry Lake View Night Nightshot Light Lamp Bokeh Defocused Illuminated Close-up
Ducklings Duck Swan Lake High Angle View Swan Aerial View Muscovy Duck Water Bird Swimming Animal Floating In Water Mandarin Duck Colony Duckling Freshwater Bird Flying
Dataran Merdeka City Politics And Government Dome Place Of Worship Religion Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky Historic Arch Arcade Archway Civilization
Pigeon Fauna_collection Pigeon Pigeon Bird  Bird Tree Perching Animal Themes Plant Bird Of Prey
Menara Taming Sari, Malacca Politics And Government City Red Place Of Worship History Roof Ancient Sky Architecture Building Exterior
let the beach speak Rock Shotononeplus6 Sandy Beach Nature Photography Water Wave Sea Sand Crash Power In Nature Sky Horizon Over Water Seascape Ocean Boulder Stone
Tree & moon Shotononeplus6 Clearsky Nightshot Sky Black Background Space Close-up Green Color Plant Plant Life
Cinematic evening Shooting Nature_collection Nature_landscape Birds_collection Bird Flying Flock Of Birds Tree Silhouette Mid-air Sky Animal Themes Migrating Bird Of Prey
silhouette birds 🐦 Birds_collection Bird Flamingo Flying Flock Of Birds Clear Sky Silhouette Mid-air Telephone Line Animal Themes Sky
Cactus 🌵 Nature Photography Nature_collection Nature_lovers Cactus Cactus Flower Cactus Garden Backgrounds Full Frame Arrangement Pattern In A Row Barrel Cactus Spiked Sharp Needle - Plant Part Aloe Vera Plant Plant Life
Sleeping.. Web Spiders Insects  Insects Collection Fauna_collection Nature_collection Insect Photography Shotononeplus6 Web Insect Spider Web Spider Animal Leg Close-up
waiting.. Insects Collection Nature_collection Insect Photography Insectlicious Softbackground Spider Web Spiders Spiderworld Insect Spider Web Spider Close-up Jumping Spider Web
Hi! Frame Interframe Window Window View Blackandwhite Photography Black And White Collection  Home Classic Portrait Kids Sons Blackandwhite
Bees 🐝 Insect Photography Insects Collection Bee 🐝 Insects  Nature_collection Nature_lovers Zoom Macro Macro_collection Macro Photography Insect Close-up Animal Themes Focus
Sunset 🌄 2 Leaf Leaves Sun Sunset_collection Shooting Shotononeplus6 Landscape Nature Photography Nature_collection Flower Head Flower Poppy Rural Scene Sunset Cereal Plant Tree Agriculture Summer Wildflower
Sunset 🌄 1 Shotononeplus6 Nature_collection Nature Photography Nature_landscape Grass Tree Sunset Rural Scene Agriculture Sun Sunlight Field Sky Plant Shining Blade Of Grass Grass Area Plant Life
Night shoot Astronomy Galaxy Space Milky Way Star - Space Astrology Sign Constellation Star Trail Illuminated Concentric Light Painting Star Field Astrology
Impatiens walleriana Floria Red Color Red Flower Nature_collection Nature Photography Flower Head Flower Leaf Close-up Plant In Bloom Blooming Plant Life Botany Botanical Garden
top angle of trees Top View Plant Trees Nature_collection Green Nature_lovers Flora Nature_collection Flower Head Flower Yellow Leaf Close-up Plant Green Color Blossoming  Young Plant
Bee 🐝 Bee 🐝 Insect Photography Insects Collection Bee Insects  Nature_collection Naturelovers Fauna_collection Leaf Insect Close-up Animal Themes Green Color Plant Fly Honey Bee Buzzing
Vegetation Green Greenery Saveourgreen Green Color Green Background Harmony Green Leaf Leaves Healthy Grass Botanical Vegetation
Pattern SofaBed Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Textured  Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Abstract Fabric Textile Color Gradient
Tree 🌲 Zoom Naturelovers Nature_lovers Close-up Flora Collection Tree Trees Look Green Shotononeplus6 Nature_collection Backgrounds Full Frame Cold Temperature Abstract Close-up Green Color Pine Tree Evergreen Tree
snails Macro Macro Photography Macro_collection Shotononeplus6 Water Snail Beach Human Hand Close-up
Chrysanthemum flower Flower Flower Head Flower Collection Yellow Flower Shotononeplus6 Nature_collection Naturelovers Flora Flowers Yellow Backgrounds Full Frame UnderSea Close-up Blooming
Flowers Shotononeplus6 Nature_collection Nature_lovers Naturelovers Nature Photography Flowers Flower Flower Head Leaf Field High Angle View Grass Blooming Plant Green Color Close-up Flora Greenery Vegetation Plant Life In Bloom
Impatiens walleriana Flowers Green Flora Nature_collection Naturelovers Nature Photography Shotononeplus6 Flower Head Flower Periwinkle Full Frame Pink Color Leaf Backgrounds Close-up Plant Blooming Vegetation Botanical
Beach Sandles Sand Beach Water Wave Sea Beach Sand Pail And Shovel Sand Scuba Diving Sport Wet Surf Surfing Water Sport Surfer
Coral Malaysia Shotononeplus6 Portdickson Portdicksonbeach Beach Nature Photography Nature_collection Human Hand Close-up Plant Pebble Beach Sandy Beach Sand
dew Rain Water Dew Dew Drops Dewdrops Dew Drops On Flower Water Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Droplet Plant Life Petal RainDrop
Sky painting Blue Sky Vapor Trail Clear Sky Airshow Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Aircraft Wing Airplane Fighter Plane Flying Airways Spread Wings Jet Engine Aircraft
Butterfly Insect Insect Photography Insects Collection Insectlicious Butterfly Nature_collection Naturelovers Nature Photography Insect Photography Flower Insect Perching Close-up Animal Themes Plant Butterfly - Insect Green Background
Small Skipper Macro Macro_collection Macro Photography Nature_collection Naturelovers Nature Photography Flower Full Length Leaf Insect Animal Themes Close-up Green Color Moth Butterfly Wild Animal Green Background
lowlight FLORIA Putrajaya 2018 Night Nightphotography Lowlight Lowlightphotography Oneplusphotography Oneplus6 Shotononeplus6 Illuminated Tree Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Cloud - Sky
On top High High Section Shotononeplus6 On Top Shopping Mall Shopping Mall City High Angle View
Tree 2 Cloudy Clouds Greensky Look Up Undersun Sky Saveourgreen Nature_lovers Tree Sky
Tree 1 Sky Greensky Saveourgreen Nature_lovers Green Nature_collection Nature Photography Water Tree Sky Cloud - Sky
Turf Backgrounds Full Frame Leaf High Angle View Pattern Close-up Grass Green Color Plant Greenery Green Leaves Leaf Vein
The birds Bird Blue Sky Eagle Tree Flying Sky Grass Cloud - Sky Outdoor Play Equipment Merry-go-round Playground
Urban cat Cat Stairs Animal Oneplus6 Shotononeplus Love Animals Love Cat Pets
Desmodium canadense Flower Head Flower Thistle Pink Color Purple Petal Close-up Plant Wildflower Lavender Colored In Bloom
Texture Zoom SofaBed Macro Macro_collection Texture Backgrounds Textured  Fabric Repetition Curtain Abstract Backgrounds
wild plant Flora Nature Photography Oneplusphotography Onepluslifestyle Onepluslife Naturephotography Naturelovers NeverSettle Nature_collection Flower Head Flower Black Background Close-up Plant Blooming Plant Life Passion Flower Single Flower Petal
Macro flower Flora Flowers Macro Macro_collection Macro Nature Macro Photography Macro Beauty Naturelovers Nature Oneplusphotography Onepluslifestyle Onepluslife NeverSettle Naturephotography Flower Flower Head Close-up Plant
I feel greennn Bamboo Shotononeplus6 Leaf Leaves Oneplusphotography Onepluslifestyle NeverSettle Naturelovers Naturelife Green Backgrounds Full Frame Tree Close-up Green Color Greenery