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Everyday Lives David Brewing his home roasted Coffee Vintage Coffee PNW First Eyeem Photo
The Tenants played the perfect backdrop to yesterdays great event at @UrbanXchangeTacoma
This excellent Beard belongs to Stephen of @blkancr Ridiculously awesome dude! Check out his stream, it's full of amazing products.
I wish I had time today to get to know the awesomeness behind @BlkAncr a little better. It gives me an excuse to bother them again later though :D Their products are gorgeous!
The Story of Items @TheElquists at @UrbanXchangeTacoma Skull
This is JD Elquist @TheElquists I had the pleasure of meeting him at @UrbanXchangeTacoma today. What an awesome dude. His view about the importance of approaching life humbly tugged a string somewhere deep in my ego.
I can't deny how much I love @terminuscoffee 's Copper  pour over topper. Their Coffee was deliciously crisp with heavy notes of citrus. Sooo good after freezing fingers this morning.
I just got back from visiting @UrbanXchangeTacoma 's local business night where I met Mae and David @TerminusCoffee pouring every drop of their soul into their micro roasted coffee. Stop by and show some love here or on their site. www.terminus-coffee. Coffee Coffeeroaster Pourover Chemex espresso
Not sure if I've been falling or flying all these years. Fallingup Scarf Nature
Through a telescope lens when all you need's a friend. Revisiting one of my favorite spots today in the biting cold. There are memories here of a departed loved one and it's bittersweet to be here. Water Telescope Blue Titlowpark
Together through the thick of winter. Snow Trees Windy Dark
Tacoma by night.
If these walls could talk. We spent tonight wandering the streets searching for drastic light and awesome spaces. This was one of our favorites although is a distinctly shady area. RainyDays Darkmood Photographer Bornboots @bornfootwear
Fresh cranberries. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Don't forget to call someone you've neglected lately. These can be lonely times.
Surround yourself with awesome people and be thankful to have found them.
Muse and friend until the end. She's most of my reasons for giving thanks.
Life is always surprising to me. When you think it's going to get dull, it never really does.
I'm intrigued by the shape of things that aren't.
Peaceful Silence
Where do you go to clear your mind?
I keep waiting for a message hoping it'll make it all sound clear.
Some places are best left unknown.
Don't stop growing. You'll step out of the shadow soon just don't give up.
A good morning after endless nightmares.
Night prowl in search of Thai food in Tacoma. Bokeh Reflection Mini
Damn... Well played @Apple store.
Fight the current. All your smallest victories sum up your life.
The future is in these pods.
Don't eat the delicious poison berries.
The Micro Worlds Under Our Feet. Moss Macro Coldweather
Hello darkness my old friend...
10 foot cardboard puppy. Wow.
We're better together. I love Jack Johnson's lyrics.
Morning Dew Heal These Scars
Silica & fire. Bw Tacomaartmuseum Lowkey
3D printed rocks at the Tacomaartmuseum Good way to end the night.
?Live the hell out summer and keep some sunshine in your hair for months like these.☔ PNW Timeforcoffee Jkitsalwaystimeforcoffee
Don't save up your good intentions. You could be someone's medicine.
A couple of you have asked about the gear I shoot with so I wanted to show you. Go ahead ask me anything about gear! BODY: 5dmkii + ultra matte focusing screen + round eyepiece + Reticam hotshoe mount +LG G3 tethered + homemade 550 cord handstrap + Gorillapod LENSES: 24mm 2.8 (in photo) + 50mm 1.4 + 85mm 1.8 APPS: VSCOCam + Snapseed + Camly + QuickPic
Still my heart beats in its cage. 9to5 Dailyroutine Hallway Symmetry
The cracks and symmetry of parts unknown. Tacoma_WA Photographer Urbangood
During my walk around Tacoma_WA this weekend, I met an awesome couple of local artists in their awesome little curiosity shop named @ModCurio Can't wait for a proper interview later. Their story is just awesome!
Tacoma Street Art by @crimsongrphx
Matching the leaves.
Hello, Cupcake @hellocupcaketacoma Bike Pink
Cold daylight
Tag a friend here for a chance for YOU & YOUR FRIEND to get a free print. 1 set of WINNERS will be chosen at random on new year countdown. From now until the end of the year (31 Dec 2014) all photos in my feed will be on sale. After new year the photos shot until that day will never be sold again. Prints will be 4x6 for $100 USD. (The Winter collection will be for sale near the end of March) HOW TO BUY- 1. email me a screenshot of the photo you like ( and address. 2. I'll send you a paypal invoice with shipping included. 3. As soon as that's paid I'll send personalized photos and love your way with a tracking number.
Explore Tacoma_WA ! But for now I'll just dream about it. Goodnight.
Walk this way. Tacoma_WA Bokeh Photographer
@AnnabellZhang waiting for her bus.
Let Go, Fall Freely
Awesome rock candy Glassart structure next to Museumofglass
Happy Birthday Tacoma Tourists! They were on the lookout for a pottery painting studio in Tacoma. Does anybody know of one?
Mental Exhaustion UWtacoma Drasticlight Academia
EXPLORE MORE @alexhuhhk
I'd like to add a little danger to my work more often Heights Mensshoes Adventures
Admiring the Glassart bridge
Another day to wander down Tacoma_WA starting off with AnthemCoffee Anthem .Tacoma
Cold morning light Urbanplants Bokeh Tacoma_WA
Festivities + LGG3 + Bokeh Goodnight everybody
In the worst conditions, I'll blossom. I walked up to a wall and pointed my camera straight up to shoot this. Urbanplant Vscocam Macro
Run like hell
Hole in the wall stash
Inhabitants of abandon.
No parking any time. Pssshh, I didn't want to park here anyway!
Thrilling shortcuts.
Today was a beautiful day for a walk around Tacoma so I explored downtown by foot with camera in hand. I just received my new hot shoe phone mount so sadly I couldn't post as I shot.
5,000 followers in what's felt like a pretty short time. I step back and wonder if we can reach 10,000? What will I be shooting then and how can I give back to those who follow me? If you can answer any of these I'd love to hear your input! Followers 5000 Photographer Tacoma_WA
LOOK!! I found crack in ice cream form! What's your favorite ice cream? Speculoos Icecream Traderjoes
Thrive In the harshest conditions to stand out.
The Winter found a home in me.
I just wanted to give a quick ShoutOut to an awesome local brand in Tacoma_WA . We just picked up our favorite scents of @SanitySkinProducts body butter. (lavender for me coconut coffee for the lovely lady) from @HarborGreens it feels like magic on these winter worn hands after shooting in last night's weather! Best of all their products are 100% organic, hazardous chemical free, and feel and there's a coolness about knowing that this jar was hand poured and made with TLC.
Sneak peak of upcoming photoshoot. Colorpowder Powderpaint Havefuncleaningthatup
Now is the time to be candid and overboard in all things.
Some day I'll return. My Cute Girl WCW @_belleli_ Nikon 1happysnap
May you dance on the wrekage after dismantling the myth of constant hell. What's your dream? What's keeping you from it. (You'll be surprised how many of us feel the same) DerrickBrown Livecreatively
Going back to real life after a long weekend is always rough. Here are 10 more things about me. Have more questions? Post them! 11. My favorite food is sushi ? 12. I love to wear green and gray 13. I use Suavesito on my hair 14. I would climb my roof to pick guavas when I lived in Mexico. 15. My first job was at Express where I got hooked to dressing well I think. 16. I was suspended in 2nd grade for swearing. 17. I'm a pretty good shooter ? 18. I don't know how to pour latte art, but I tried learning for 2 years. 19. I speak English, Spanish, German 20. Sigur Rós is my favorite band.
Stay grounded. Stay true. Stay grounded.
Don't fear the unknown. Welcome it. Last one for the day. Have a great night urrbody! (reposted for crop)
The wind was crazy and the cold ate through our layers but she still modeled her heart out, but this sunshine was worth gold. Nikon 1happysnap
Has it been 7 years already? I just wanted to yake a moment to give a shoutout to all the past current and future Vets on the web. Happyveterensday Kissavetday Thankyou
Tag a friend here for a chance for YOU & YOUR FRIEND to get a free print. WINNERS chosen at random on new year count down. I broke my hotshoe phone mount taking some shots and dropped my phone ? So I had an idea. What if I have a Printsale to help me pay for my equipment. So from now until the end of the year (31 Dec 2014) all photos in my feed will be on sale. After new year the photos shot until that day will never be sold again. Prints will be 4x6 for $100 USD. (The Winter collection will be for sale at $125 near the end of March) HOW TO BUY- 1. email me a screenshot of the photo you like ( and address. 2. I'll send you a paypal invoice with shipping included. 3. As soon as that's paid I'll send personalized photos and love your way with a tracking number.
Dare to stand out. Your most feared weakness is your biggest strength.
So I woke up excited about some bacon and eggs. Elizabeth chopped up the bacon and I'm started some tortillas when the transformer outside blows up like 3 times. So now I McGaivered a fire stove with a "fancy heat" burner. It's the saddest cooking setup but it seems to be working! I need this bacon in my life
You set my sky on fire. ?
Hi homies! I have a huge favor to ask of you.? I just made some changes to my site getting it ready for business. Can you please give me some feedback on the navigation and writing? Link is in my profile.
Late night after drunk drawing. Picked up some of Kickinghorsecoffee I hope it doesn't make me regret not stocking up on ValhallaCoffeeCo Coffee Mokapot coffeeandmilk
I'm not too awesome at creative illustrations but I like to try sometimes. Busted out the wine and paper tonight. ??
You ever have those unexpected awesome nights when you fall in love all over with the one you Love so much? Yea, I'm walking on a clouds right now. Nightlights Thesearethegoodtimes Cute lightleak
Embrace the discomfort. Most give up before the rewards arrive.
You are my sunshine. This has been a hard year for almost everyone in my family and just the other night I realized that photography, through so much of what's happened, became my outlet, my therapy, the warmth that help me keep it together for the ones relying on me going through the worst of it. Yourlifeismedicinetosomeone ComeAlongCamera Tacoma_WA
Instead of scrapping my lame photos I'm trying to make use of them. Reducing waste (wasted time?) if you will. PS: Happy Friday & Stay Awesome! Bestofover Mini Bokeh Tacoma_WA
Warp speed engaged!
When I'm not actively working on making the world around me seem magically dreamy I prowl the aisles of @Costco looking for tasty samples like a weirdo. Shoppingcart Fromwhereistand Canon Vscocam
Hope is Von in Icelandic. That's where home is for him. I have a mission now. I HAVE TO GP TO ICELAND!
I sometimes think about what I see everyday wondering when something will change that brings me to the cusp of before and after. That moment when things never become the same again. Reminds me of the day I left home; the moment I stepped out into my first deployment; when I said I do; the first breath outside my car after moving to Washington. So now I wonder when will my next turn happen? Where will I go?
This is my awkward shadow. We wander with a camera in search of what connects us.