Mya Roach


First Eyeem Photo
Mama's dress
I am addicted to Sonic ice
Pump It Up
Zumbafest 2 house straight face
Monkey see monkey do
1st field trip
My baby ain't a baby no more
Mommy daughter day
Can't even sit under the dryer alone
On my MJB
I took the plunge
Bette Midler I ? you but Beaches is the worst ? ever. That is the saddest thing ever. Why? Who wrote that? Never known anyone who can make it through w/o losing it. Not even Steve Harvey
We have a large green apple slush with nerds from Sonic everyday and he never wants to share with me
I told my baby I love her and the teachers said you still hoarse. I said I can't stop singing in the car Chandelier
MCM Yoexcanbeyonext😌 phRAWst
Every time I drop my baby off I think this says love and hip hop Notdyslexic
He always wanna hop in the car and that's the first thing he do Wakeyoaup
My baby ready
TBT  we told him over and over Shegotgame had him jumping through hoops
TBT  whose ass is that
TBT  outside walmart I swear I could use some right now
TBT  knew I wasn't coming home got my tweety bird bag packed
Look what I found
TBT  Yogabbagabbafunnyfaces
It's that time
If he watches this one more time
Every morning I get told "Put her down Mom"⚠ and I try and fail every time ?
I already hate driving. I hate driving in the rain. I hate driving in a thunderstorm. I have to pick my baby from school. My umbrella is in my car. I will not be able to stop for gas like I planned. My hair is done. My baby's hair is done. My baby gave me her sickness. I have a massive headache. I'm starving but I can't eat or keep anything down. The only thing keeping this day from being the worst is that I see my baby in a few minutes
My baby said hell naw not this hair Rainraingoaway
That dimple though
Years ago today I had a special birth to my first baby. I can't even explain how much I love you. You have always had this magnetic personality you are smart as hell funny as hell and crazy as hell. It's so crazy to think you are grown you were a beautiful baby and you still my baby I couldn't imagine my life without you. We have always had fun together and people always say they don't take us seriously if we're mad at each other cause it only lasts a second. I love love love love you girl and I hope you have the best birthday today. You know we gon celebrate. Happy Birthday??????????????
I'm on my way
My baby really thinks she's Peppa Pig
Ever since I gave him that message in a bottle I've been....????
I got the hook up
Throw em back til I lose count
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Where we fell in love
Volleyball game
At your cutest
You can read between the lines
"On The Open Road"
Someone who knew herself in and out and let everyone else know without shame in a time where it was unheard of
So we got tv shows talking about how certain people are wrong for having lions and tigers for pets. We do know that horses are wild animals too right? These starved horses and donkeys should not be in your front damn yard!!
Black Jessie Toystory
A real her fridge
Date Night Ididntkeeptheragon
Gone With The Wind Handsdownoneofthestrongestwomaniknow Stillmissyou
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My first one
Phresh off the runway
All the time Wait4me
Walking hand in hand