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|•StayYoung&GiveAloha •| Music&Singing♩♪♬ HiLife \m/ YOZO, Right?? Found Mine♡
Got A LOT of decisions to make, then.
Taylor Gang?? NAH, just messing around. thought i looked pretty "Hawt" doin this. :b jks (so obsessed)
Hoolokahi ♥
a&f 2012-2013
I got this <3
Sexy huh?? ;) haha
Bill of Rights (:
are you not JEALOUS right now? XD Haha ♥
Let Me Be Your Wings♥
So... I watched Thumbelina after like HOW LONG and cried at the part where Prince Cornelius dies... then I cry at the part that Thumbelina is singing to the Mole and Ms. Fieldmouse about the Sun. Then I cry later at the part where Thumbelina is about to m
#Marilyn ♥
hilife ♥
thinking about that one person♥
been feeling good since turning 17♥
Living Life♥
Aftermath of Birthday Party♥
my two bestfriends♥
Haha a work in progress but still cleaner than it was :b @Flotsam
Even after EVERYTHING this girl still has her smile on her face♥
Stay Strong
#StayingYoung cause Life is Short.
here we come [:
Sebastian <3
Loving Life
In Pain
hehe :b got my "hoodrat" on :b jks
just got outta the shower (: Beach was fun♥
Urban Art♥
Spending the day with Flotsam♥
Always have. Always will.
Hakuna Matata♥
<3 through everything.... imma still have MAD love for this sweet munkiie <3
Hair Headband [:
Just got done reading this(:
Cause We COOL :b
Spending Time<3