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Handsome Doberman  Reddoberman Dobermanpinscher Sleepy Puppy Mybaby MyLove❤
It lies on my fingertips. Charcoal Drawing Dirtyhands Art
When PB&J loves you back ❤ Happiness Joy Sammich Love Simple Photography
Smiles on this beautiful day. :)
Doberman  Puppy Mybaby Sleepyhead i love watching him sleep ❤
Doberman  Puppy Chilling Mybaby He's getting a tan lol
Doberman  Car Ride  Puppy 15 Weeks  Pismo is finally sticking his head out the window! 🙌❤
Naps naps naps ❤ Doberman  14 Weeks Sleepyhead Sweetheart Sweet Dreams Naps
Pismo taking in some sun 🌞🌞❤Doberman  Puppy 14 Weeks Mybaby
Red Doberman  Puppy Most comfortable looking shopping cart ever! ❤
Red Doberman  Puppy Mybaby Resting Adorable ❤
Doberman  Paws Baby 12weeks  i LOVE his paws ❤❤❤❤
Doberman  Sleepyhead Mybaby
Sunset Silhouettes Signalhill SoCal Pose Orangecounty  Epic
Take 2 :)
Signalhill Longbeach Sunset SoCal
Appreciating a bath. Hotel Room Orangecounty  Relaxation Peace
When mom comes back from Mexico and brings back gifts! Chanclas Shoes Culture Mexican Beautiful Colors :)
Mx5 Mazda Miata Beautiful Bluebeauty Nightphotography
Lakemerritt Oakland California Night View Water Ripples Lights Reflection
I love his mini photo shoots as he sleeps!Sleepyhead Cozy Warm Napping Chihuahua Cutiepatootie Littlebrother
Sometimes it's not what is being kept out, but what is being locked in. Gates Lock Freedom Black&white Chains
Mazda Mx5 Miata SummerNights Cruising Thosecurves Purebliss ❤
No other car can compare.❤ Mazda Miata Bluebeauty '93
Natures Beauty Sand Dollar love these little pieces of treasure!
Sand Dollar Alive  Pismo Beach Beautiful
Sleeping Dog Chihuahua I Love My Dog Littlebrother
San Luis Obispo Alleyofchewedgum Epic Nasty
Sparklingwine Rosé Amazing Delicious ♡ Limitededition
Smooth drive back :) Endofday Winetasting Success
Chandon Rosé NapaValley
NapaValley Flowers Beautiful Bee
Bajafresh TheShit Yummy Refreshing
Gym time paying off! GymLife Hardwork Shoulders Chest Loveit
Meet the little brother! Chihuahuas<3 Adorable Sleepydog
Beautiful day to relax at rhe park :) Summer Days Relax Time  Peaceful First Eyeem Photo
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