Mika Claire Pike


Eye Em Queen
2 Aussies Having A Merry Canadian Christmas
Christmas Eve = winter wonderland and chatting with the fam. Happy heart!
Teaching Mom To Do Screen Shots
My heart is so full, so thankful for these people doing Church in the trenches with us, so much gold in each of them.. Here's a snapshot of our typical "I'm not ready for the picture yet"...
Im gonna go ahead and assume that Ali was pumped to see her Canadian fam tonight..
Went To Talk To Craigy About Jesus But...
Back Seat Trouble Makers
Make Sure Your Following!
Groundswell Toronto
I may be missing out on Colour conference next year but @ashmckittrick_xx made sure I got the invite. #happy
Eskimo girrrrl
I can't wait for NYE with this girl!!!
Who's coming this Friday? Because I may or may not be able to guarantee a dance off like this one..