Mpumelelo Buthelezi

I dont take photographs. I create photographs. @icreateimageseveryday on instagram
Mpumelelo Buthelezi
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Full length of father and son standing on plants
Portrait of young man standing outdoors
Statue of man standing in store
Portrait of young man looking away
Side view of couple holding hands
People on field against sky
Man sitting on rock at field against clear sky
Close-up of person covering face against black background
Low angle view of man hand against clear blue sky
Portrait of man looking through window
Group of people in traditional clothing
People walking on city street
Woman standing on street in city
Full length of man standing at home
Full length of man sitting on bed against wall at home
Young woman with umbrella against blue sky
Side view of man wearing hat against sky
Portrait of young man drinking outdoors
People standing on street in city
High angle view of townscape against sky
Scenic view of field against sky
Low angle view of building against clear sky
Street light on sidewalk by building in city
Portrait of man sitting against brick wall
Portrait of man working
Woman sitting by fence
Full length of young man standing against built structure
Man with horse cart against trees
Full length of shirtless young man standing at home
Portrait of young man sitting in window
Man sleeping on bed at home
Rear view of couple sitting on field
People on street at night
Person holding umbrella at night
Silhouette men standing against orange sky
Portrait of mature man wearing mask against red background
Statue of man sitting in park
Full length of man standing at home
Full length of woman holding umbrella
Portrait of man sitting on bed at home
Portrait of man standing against building
Cute girl on field against clear sky
Woman looking at camera in city
Full length of man sitting outside building
Full length of man sitting against orange wall
Woman sitting by fence
People on road against trees in city
Man riding horse cart
Man holding umbrella standing on field
Rear view of people standing by plants against sky
Portrait of man wearing sunglasses standing against trees
Bicycle against brick wall of building
Man standing by garbage on field
Garbage in abandoned building
Close-up portrait of young man smoking cigarette
High angle view of crowd on field
Portrait of young woman sitting on steps in city
Portrait of young man standing against graffiti