Photography, creativity, art By @marielademarchi
Go Girl! Keep Going  ;-) Supernormal
Poor little Teddy Bear Street Photography Mission Mystery
Sometimes is great to wake up Early Morning and see the Dawn
Finally, the Sun
Torre Bissara a Vicenza EyeEm Italy
Trees and palace in Autumn EyeEm Italy
Sky And Trees Supernormal Monochrome
Landscape EyeEm Italy 25 Aprile RePicture Wealth
Kisses Eye4emotions Monochrome Divestreetphotography
Blackandwhite Bye Bye Divelandscape Monochrome
Bye Bye Divestreetphotography
Bye Bye Diveeverydaylife Mission Mystery
Blackandwhite Mission Mystery Eye4shadows Monochrome
Exploring Divelandscape Mission Mystery
River Divelandscape Mission Mystery
Foggy Morning Divearchitecture Mission Mystery EyeEm Italy
Blackandwhite Beach Walk Supernormal Monochrome
Clouds And Sky Supernormal
Walking Around Blackandwhite Divestreetphotography Monochrome
Selfportrait Supernormal Supersize Yourself With Whitewall Monochrome