Birdman🦆, people🕴️ sea/harbour⚓ and b/w shots. Blind in 1 eye😉 so I do my best with every photo📷
This girl has my ❤️ person Light And Shadow Blue Eyes No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Morning Sweden Real People Light Skin Warm Clothing Portrait Cold Temperature Winter Looking At Camera Child Close-up Winter Coat Knit Hat
Santa Surfer Christmas Day Cold Temperature Making A Statement  Canonphotography Water Full Length Paddleboarding Adventure Sky Surfer Water Sport Paddling
P20 No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Tree Christmas Decoration Living Room Christmas Lights Christmas Christmas Ornament Holiday - Event Celebration christmas tree Tradition Spruce Tree Needle - Plant Part
Looking Up Balcony No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera City History Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Civilization Window Box Napoli
Stockholm, Sweden December No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Politics And Government King - Royal Person City Sculpture Statue Clock Face History Monument Shield Politics Fine Art Statue Human Representation
Nobel Prize Stockholm, Sweden December Bas Relief Ancient Civilization Sculpture Close-up Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Carving - Craft Product Carving Male Likeness Idol Female Likeness
No lastning print Frost Handprint Bench No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Low Section High Angle View Close-up Shadow Textured  Focus On Shadow Long Shadow - Shadow LINE Rough
Skjut or shot in english Sign Latch Lock Doorway Door Metal Safety Leaving Security Protection Close-up Keyhole Closed Door Handle
Flower Head Flower Springtime Uncultivated Wildflower Softness Soft Focus Dandelion Seed Dandelion Seed
Statue Bronze Blackandwhite 50mm F1. 8 Human Hand Human Back Back Men Togetherness Close-up
Havskräftor Crustacean Red Prawn Seafood Fish Market Full Frame Raw Food Orange Color Boiled Claw Fishing Industry
Window Shattered Glass Mirror Effect Gunshot  Sweden Close-up Transparent Glass - Material Window Frame
50mm F1.8 Sweden Road Sign Yellow Communication Triangle Shape Danger Warning Sign Grass Road Warning Sign Information Sign Warning Symbol Sign Warning
Tall order Hotel Fasade Sweden Blackandwhite City Pattern Steel Skyscraper Sky Architecture Built Structure Tall - High Tower Urban Skyline Building Story High Rise City Location
Steel leaf Vent Ventilation Rail Street Streetphotography Sweden Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Brick Wall Wall - Building Feature Closed Door Brick
Looking like ice Flowing Water River Water Splashing Stone Waterfall Fast Shutter Speed Foggy Morning Sweden Backgrounds Rushing Waterfront High-speed Photography Stream
Birds Swedish Nature Bird Of Prey Bird Spread Wings Flying Close-up Animal Themes Sky Animal Wing Flapping Beak
Tireless Fall Autumn colors No Tires Sweden Tree Bicycle Bicycle Rack Stationary Land Vehicle Sky Parking Tire Pedal Wheel
Yo! Two Animals Bird Photography Morning Stonewall Sweden Blackandwhite Monochrome Bird Full Length Perching Close-up Sea Bird Seagull Beak Water Bird
Volvo 850 Racing Engine Racing Racecar Sweden Swedish Technology Car Close-up Engine Auto Mechanic Automobile Industry Mechanic Vehicle Part Land Vehicle Vehicle
Volvo Philip Car Sweden Swedish Old-fashioned Retro Styled Close-up Headlight Vehicle Light Grille Vehicle Hood Car Point Of View Bumper Vintage Car Collector's Car Side-view Mirror Vehicle Car
Car for a King Royal Car Blue Emblem  Swedish Sweden Old-fashioned Retro Styled Car Close-up Vintage Car Grille Headlight Vintage Vehicle Light Collector's Car Windshield Bumper Vehicle Hood Windshield Wiper Car Point Of View
Volvo PV651 Car Old Headlights Blackandwhite Swedish Automobile Museum Sweden Illuminated Windshield Car Point Of View Land Vehicle Vintage Car Vehicle Windshield Wiper Vehicle Interior Steering Wheel
Happyness Cottoncandy Sugar Blue Yellow Park No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Real People Sweden Summertime Light Skin Child Childhood Smiling Girls Portrait Playing Close-up Only Girls Innocence
Beer Bottle Handrail  Stonewall No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Close-up
Blackandwhite Fence vanishing point Sweden Sky Grass Wooden Post Farmland Field Growing
Busted by barbes Leaf Autumn Barbed Wire Protection Sky Close-up Razor Wire Fall Fence Security Chainlink Autumn Mood
Coming home Fishermen Water Waves Evening Light Horizon Over Water Sweden Real People Water Nautical Vessel Sea Wave Sky Ocean Calm
Sealife Clams Oister Starfish  Stones Cliffs Archipelago No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Morning Sweden Beach Sea Life Close-up Animal Themes
Spotted king No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Seatrout Cliffs Spinning Lure Sea Life Seafood Animal Scale Fish Catch Of Fish High Angle View Close-up Fishing Tackle Fisherman Trawler Fishing Fishing Hook
i Sweden Water Astronomy Sea Sunset Beach Moon Illuminated Horizon Sun Yellow Refraction Spectrum Romantic Sky Tide Low Tide Coast
Speedometer on an old rusty VW Beatle found deep in the forrest No Edit/no Filter Speedometer VW Beetle Forrest Photography Pineneedles EyeEm Selects Car Land Vehicle Close-up Run-down Bad Condition Peeling Off Weathered Peeled Rusty Vintage Car Vehicle Part Damaged Abandoned Broken
Evening swim Real People EyeEm Selects Swimming October Water Sunset Full Length Silhouette Standing Sky Shore Calm Horizon Over Water Ocean Seascape Scenics Waterfront
My evening sunset No Edit/no Filter Sweden EyeEm Selects October Water Sea Life Sea Sunset Beach Coast Calm Coastline Rocky Coastline Coastal Feature Ocean Seascape Shore
Calm sea No Edit/no Filter Sweden EyeEm Selects Calm Water Sea Sunset Beach Sky Horizon Over Water Cloud - Sky Calm Lifeguard  Atmospheric Mood Moody Sky Romantic Sky Coastline
True Love Bread Egg Scalops Aioli Love Food Sandwich Sweden No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Talking Pictures Close-up Food And Drink Temptation Toasted Boiled Egg Egg White
Bicycle Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Morning No Edit/no Filter Sweden Fishing Rod Blue Sky Cliffs Bicycle Sunlight Sky Grass Tranquility Non-urban Scene Coast Shore
Sea men wife Bird Office Building Statue Sculpture Human Representation Female Likeness
I will stand strong Rusty Rusty Metal Rusty Goodness Bolt Nut Grass Threads Foundation Anchor Point Sweden Blackandwhite Metal Industry Close-up Iron - Metal Blade Of Grass Nut - Fastener Things That Go Together
My place to fish, take pictures and just be.... Sweden Bridge - Man Made Structure Lifesaver Water Flood Sky Harbor Dock Commercial Dock Marina Port Industrial Ship
Rust/Stainless Fence Stainless Steel  Turnbuckles Harbor Waterfront Strength Metal Close-up Twisted Intertwined Interlocked Rusty Latch Durability
Lift off Bird Flying Spread Wings Animal Themes Sky Close-up Bird Of Prey Beak
Stormbird "Knud" Birds Sweden Blackandwhite EyeEm Selects Docks High Winds Rain Bird Spread Wings Flying Bird Of Prey Clear Sky Mid-air Sea Life Sea Sky Animal Themes Animal Wing
Spring - hösten kommer Shoe No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Theme Park Sweden Real People Leaf High Angle View Close-up Fall Full Frame Leaves Autumn Autumn Collection Fallen Leaf
Talking 2 two City Sitting Full Length Group Of People Smoking Bus Stop Addiction Unhealthy Living Drug Abuse Bad Habit Tobacco Product
Training Soccer Uniform Soccer Field Sports Uniform Child Soccer Player Sport Sports Clothing Childhood Soccer Full Length Soccer Shoe Kicking Soccer Ball Soccer Team  Dribbling Kids' Soccer Team Sport Shooting At Goal
Reds Red Scarf African Man Real People Sweden Summertime Men City Headshot Rear View Shaved Head Close-up
Kungshöjd - Kingshight Sweden City Skyscraper Window Cityscape Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Window Box High Rise Urban Skyline Residential District Human Settlement
Tired bumlebee Bumblebee Cobblestone Streets Sweden Summertime Insect Close-up Animal Themes Bee Pollination Buzzing
Tired dove Sweden Blackandwhite Summertime Sunbathing Cobblestone Streets Bird Close-up Mourning Dove Dove - Bird Pigeon
Grumpy. But she isn't Pets Portrait Feline Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Lying Down High Angle View Whisker Cat Domestic Animals Animal Eye Yellow Eyes
Transformer Bee Buzzing Insect Animal Themes Close-up Bumblebee Coneflower Symbiotic Relationship Blooming Pollen Petal In Bloom
Happy! My daughter love all animal. We found this dog and Thanks to internet he got home to his owner. No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Real People Sweden Pets Full Length Child Dog Childhood Portrait Standing Smiling Pet Leash Water
Going in Canonphotography No Edit/no Filter Sweden Summertime Young Women Water Flexibility Sea Healthy Lifestyle Females Beach Athlete Blond Hair Close-up Bikini Bottom Bikini Sunbathing Beach Holiday Ankle Deep In Water
Summers last leg Canonphotography No Edit/no Filter Sweden Summertime Water Beach Sand Wave Sea Swimming Close-up Low Tide Rippled Calm
Ferryride Ferry Ocean Yellow Bars No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Channel Summertime Real People Low Section Men Human Leg Standing Shoe Personal Perspective High Angle View Close-up Footwear Things That Go Together Pair Human Foot Hand Rail
Strong fish Catch And Release Gylta Snuff (Tobacco) Spinning Reel No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Channel Sweden Summertime Seafood Fish Fishing Close-up Fishing Hook Fishing Rod Fishing Equipment Fishing Tackle Hook Catch Of Fish Animal Fin
Clay fireman Clay Clay Sculpture Kid Sweden Real People Creativity Huaweiphotography Leicacamera 10 Human Hand Abdomen Close-up Finger Male Likeness Human Representation Sculpture Molding A Shape
Crazy kid Sweden Summertime Real People Light Skin Watersplash Blue Wave Salt Water EyeEm Selects Water Swimming Child Portrait Childhood Males  Boys Sea Shirtless Summer Swimming Goggles Diving Equipment Scuba Mask
Süchtigen Addiction Reality Sad Mental Health  Outcast Could Have Been Me Full Length Standing Men Casual Clothing Jeans Baseball Cap Urban Scene
Måsar Bird Spread Wings Flying Water Seagull Motion Flapping Bird Of Prey Mid-air Animal Wing Sea Bird Beak
Mås Bird Flying Spread Wings Sea Life Clear Sky Sky Animal Themes Bird Of Prey Seagull Sea Bird Perching
Du bist tot Concrete Floor Death Belly Up Waist Why...? Close-up Skeleton Animal Bone Dead Animal Crab Crab - Seafood Animal Shell 10
Goggles Mirrors Directional Sign No People Crossing Convex Mirror City Text Close-up Road Sign Information Pedestrian Crossing Sign Arrow Symbol Bicycle Lane
Oh' Lord Forgiveness Cross Gold Colored Statue Spirituality Religion Grave Passion Memorial Gold Cross Shape Religious Equipment Religious Symbol Crucifix
Weatherd Weathered Boards No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sunset Sweden Summertime Docks Nautical Vessel Sunset Sky Close-up Mast Sailing Ship Sailboat Sailing Boat
Benith Kid Fish Sweden Summertime Blackandwhite Beach My Son UnderSea Water Swimming Underwater Sea Sea Life Floating On Water Snorkeling Underwater Diving Water Surface Swimming Goggles
Braveheart Jumping Real People Sweden Blackandwhite Summertime Water Full Length Child Childhood Swimming Diving Platform Shirtless Boys Swimming Trunks Diving Diving Into Water
Over there... Pointing Sweden Summertime Real People Blackandwhite Sunbathing Water Standing Beach Sky Shore Sandy Beach Wave
Testing Real People Summertime Sunbathing Blackandwhite Monochrome Swimming Water Child Full Length Childhood Togetherness Boys Girls Friendship Happiness Sibling Shore Sand Sandy Beach Beach
Slrattmås Birds Summertime Bird Spread Wings Flying Full Length Mid-air Close-up Animal Themes Sky Animal Wing Flapping Beak Black-headed Gull
Summernights Atv No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Mirror Reflection Sweden Sunbathing Summertime Beach Docks Sunset Sky Speedometer Vehicle Mirror Rear-view Mirror Gearshift Handlebar Side-view Mirror Motorcycle Land Vehicle Vehicle Meter - Instrument Of Measurement Gauge
My town No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Summertime EyeEm Selects Docks Swans Water City Clear Sky Cityscape Suspension Bridge Bridge - Man Made Structure River Cable Rippled Sky Cable-stayed Bridge Engineering Fishing Tackle Calm Bridge Fishing Rod
Lumen Castle Sweden EyeEm Selects Illuminated Hanging Electricity  Lighting Equipment Close-up Chandelier Crystal Crystal Glassware Bauble Light Fixture Electric Light Lit Bulb Ceiling Hanging Light
Vaccum motor 1906 Motor Vaccumcleaner One Tone Brass Castle Old Heavy Equipment Sweden Manufacturing Equipment Business Finance And Industry Factory Close-up Historic Civilization Historic Building The Past Brass Instrument
Poolroom Stonewall Sweden Poolroom Illuminated Light Bulb Electricity  Hanging Lighting Equipment Electric Light Pendant Light Lamp Light Fixture Mounted Lantern
The Knight Castle Stone Stonewall Sweden Summertime EyeEm Selects Sculpture Statue Spirituality Window Religion Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Male Likeness Human Representation Historic Art Sculpted
Watching Tradition Dancing Midsummer Outdoor Photography Out Of Focus Sweden Summertime Talking Pictures Real People EyeEm Selects Light Skin Crowd Men Group Of People Rear View Back Women Human Back Live Event
Safe Safe Domestic Animals Dog Puppy Sweden Talking Pictures EyeEm Selects Summertime Real People Midsummer Kids Pets Friendship Dog Care Human Hand Pet Owner Lap Dog Terrier
Teacher Teacher And Student Father Son Croatia Sweden Real People Summertime World Cup 2018 Men Full Length Sport Barn Smiling Front Or Back Yard Lawn Domestic Life Mid Adult Mid Adult Men Turf Soccer Field Soccer Player Soccer Uniform Kids' Soccer Sports Jersey Soccer Soccer Team  Soccer Ball
Oil Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Morning Sweden Talking Pictures Summertime Docks Oil Spill Multi Colored Gasoline Spectrum Rainbow Oil Pollution Road Pattern Close-up Water Pollution Environmental Damage Leaking Asphalt Dirty Empty Road
Balls EyeEm Selects Pool Ball Pool Table Pool - Cue Sport Multi Colored Snooker Yellow Party - Social Event Variation Close-up Snooker Ball Cue Ball Felt Snooker And Pool Pool Hall
Dead meat EyeEm Selects Insect Close-up Housefly Fly Pest Mosquito Bug Tiny
Carwash Garbage Bin Shadow Business Store Open Business Finance And Industry Door Entrance Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Store Sign Information Symbol Doorway Entry Auto Repair Shop
2 History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Spire  Tall - High Urban Skyline Cityscape Skyline Bell Tower - Tower Tower
Solving things Sweden Talking Pictures Real People Blackandwhite Summertime EyeEm Selects Garbage Bin Bench Two People Tree Togetherness Men City Friendship Street Focus On Shadow Paved Sidewalk Park Bench Recycling Bin Garbage Can Wastepaper Basket Bus Stop Pavement
Trying to explain Jesus Priest Church Leaving School  Invisible Man Sweden Real People Blackandwhite Talking Pictures Full Length Standing Men Mid Adult Posing Silhouette Personal Perspective Unrecognizable People
Cold water No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Drink Drinking Glass Cold Temperature Close-up Food And Drink Carbonated Tonic Water Purified Water Cold Drink Drinking Water Water Bottle  Clear
Pyro Soccer Stadium No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Real People Summertime Sparks Crowd Audience Party - Social Event City Togetherness Happiness Men Firework Display Firework - Man Made Object Entertainment Event World Cup 2018
Foo Fighters 180605 No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Real People Summertime EyeEm Selects Crowd Fan - Enthusiast Stadium Soccer Field Sunset Spectator Competition Stage Light Live Event Stage - Performance Space Audience Pop Rock Popular Music Concert Concert Music Festival Music Concert
Re-lax Blackandwhite Sunbathing Docks Sweden Monochrome Tree
Hard work Tools Grinder Sparks Hammer Beercan Knife No Edit/no Filter Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Sweden Summertime Work Tool Table Metal Close-up Rusty Hand Tool Machine Grinding
Birth-Mark EyeEm Selects Birthmark Beach Swimming Swimsuit Light Skin Real People Summertime Sunbathing This Is My Skin
The Red bike Talking Pictures Real People Stonewall Red Sweden Summertime Smiling Biker Posing
Dancing Feather  Beak Water Bird Landing - Touching Down Freshwater Bird Fanned Out
1 thinker, 1 talker Morning Sweden Real People Husky Talking Pictures Blackandwhite Bench Sunbathing Full Length Sitting Men
Fly Huaweiphotography Leicacamera Morning Sweden
DROPS Flower Water Herbal Medicine Alternative Medicine Leaf Drop Uncultivated Close-up Plant Green Color Flowering Plant Plant Part Dew RainDrop Rain Wet Blade Of Grass In Bloom
The Chiller Pets Domestic Cat Feline Home Interior Close-up Whisker Yellow Eyes Cat Animal Face Domestic Animals Adult Animal
Bye Flying Birds River Channel Stonewall City Close-up Spread Wings Flight