Monique Rowe


Rib eye with sweet caramelized onions, a rich balsamic reduction, and melted gorgonzola....and garlic cheesy bread!
At home, eagerly waiting for my Man!
The trees by my mama's place....
Only Owen knows why this is funny....the rest of you can simply laugh....Moni pic, Fall1990....and yes, I posted just for his laughter alone!
The finished refreshing and's as if I've done this before!😘 Relaxing
This humid weather is calling for some muddled up fresh mojitos!!!....wish you were here!....Enjoying Life
1976.....yep, that's me! TBT
Braised short ribs, funky, broken mashed, cucumber salad!....I'm in love!!!
Bella is a happy girl!
TBT  1977, Me!
Cooked up some beef enchiladas for my awesome Man tonight!
TBT  Shaun and lil ol' me!
Braised short ribs in my sandwich!!!!....I freaking love this place!
Remembering my dear author, fisherman, gentleman, and beloved companion....RIP, Mr. Conroy 💔
Homemade sweet and sour chicken over ramen noodles....enjoy cooking for my Man!
When Irish eyes are smiling....
My mama and me!....TBT to 2005 Mother's Day, at The Magic Castle!....ain't she purty?!
I hijacked one of my mom's old's dated 9/68, so she was a young newlywed, creating a personal of my faves growing up!
Plated up, last night's comfort meal with the dude....meatloaf and mac!
Homemade mac n cheese with longhorn cheddar and fontina cheeses....yum!
Last night, he made his world famous 😉 hearty, healthy meatloaf (topped with bacon!) was delicious, definitely hearty!🍴
Celery, orange and yellow bell pepper, carrots, snow peas, baby heirloom tomatoes and homemade French onion Greek yogurt dip!....healthy AND satisfying!
Last night's beef and lamb kafta, rice, roasted tomato, and homemade hummus!....spoiled at work, spoiled at home! Man can cook!
Bella Bleu, the smartest dog I've ever loved!....such a great companion, full of character and love....and endless energy!
Hanging with my friends and their precious pup!
A relaxing way to enjoy a Monday night is to grub on Lebanese leftovers from The Olives Branch with my Man!
Homemade baklava ice cream at The Olives Branch!....heavenly....
Vodka base, apple head, lemon mint hookah!....thank you Tony, it was yummy!....and thanks to Kevin for being cool as always and taking awesome care of me (and Pete!) on my night off!
Fried cauliflower and spicy potatoes....mmmm....I work at a place with killer spoiled!
Lebanese deliciousness....I love the quality of the food at my restaurant!
It's National Sibling Day....circa 1977, with my brother at Disneyland....
Late night self portrait....from a few days ago....
One more with Ruby.....I love this pup!!!
Ruby Tuesday, giving me some love.....she's so incredibly cuddly and sweet....
Sweet and sour pork....I love that Pete is getting so much use from the nifty wok I bought him for Christmas....💜🍴
I was sad to say goodbye to my Mammoth mascot 2015....he was a fun sidekick to the mountain's shenanigans!
Outside the condo, had a hard time capturing a shot of this blue woodpecker....Mammoth was wonderful!
The jacuzzi at the condo in Mammoth.... Relaxing
Owen snack photo bombing Dula in the jacuzzi after a day of skiing.....
Photo bombing Owen on the apparent party bus back to the village....good times!
Cocktail break with the coolest dude I know, my dude!....another fantastic vacation to put in the, I love this guy!
Magic ski legs.....
Survived a close call with the little ones on the bunny slope....calming my nerves with a beer and a shot!....and Dula, my Mammoth mascot!
Breakfast of ski champions....eggs with sauteed onions and peppers, bacon, English muffin, banana....
Dula was craving margaritas and dinner it shall be!
Looking up a tree in Mammoth....
Enjoying nature....
Keep calm and head for the bar....
From the freaky, swingy gondola....
The red....Ski pals for life!
Love these purty!
Gondola pic while it sways heartily in the 30+mph wind gusts....
Another view from the gondola up to Canyon Lodge.....
The view from the gondola....
Flourless chocolate cake.....on vacation and loving life!....tomorrow, we ski!
Dula, my Serbian inspired bear....and mascot for the next 3 days while I enjoy Mammoth with my boyfriend and bestie!
Something yummy while cooking early St. Patty's day dinner....bangers and mash with onion gravy and sauteed brussel sprouts with apple and onion!
Found this selfie from my train taking days....
Well, because sometimes shit is funny!
Lunch time beer, waiting for that yummy sandwich!
My two very special friends getting married on a boat!
Chris, getting a last minute French lesson before getting on the Hornblower to get married!