See it and catch it (IT)
Life is a journay..i want it all.. Lifestyle Sunrise Enjoying Life Home Sweet Home Landscape Sea And Sky Bynight Light And Shadow Italy
There's no place like home Home Sweet Home Landscape Lifestyle Enjoying Life Sunset
Follow your own nature.. Travelling Nature Trees Selfie Color Portrait Lifestyle Landscape Home Sweet Home
Feel the heat of what comes out from your heart and be honest with your self.. Bynight Lifestyle Fire Traveling Shadows Imagine Italy
There is a glitter hole into the dark a lonely light into our dark side.. Black And White Travelling Bynightt Moon
Be clear Black And White Selfportrait
Just do it Lifestyle Snowboarding Self Portrait Nature Italy
I see what you are even if the light of your soul is hiding your dark side.. EyeEm Nature Lover Lifestyle snowbord
Look at what you are focused on and don't let it go till you've reached it.. Lifestyle Black And White Self Portrait Eyes
Wine is the soul of truth.. Home Sweet Home Wine Lifestyle Italy Imagine Enjoying Life
When your heart belongs to a place there's nowhere to be.. EyeEm Nature Lover Home Sweet Home Nature Italy Lifestyle
It's the mirror of your eyes that gives you the way to look at the deepest part of your soul..take care of it and keep it for who cares of you. Black And White Selfportrait Traveling Mirror
Keep calm... Lifestyle Black And White Artphotography Landscape at Peschiera del Garda Italy
Be proud of yourself. Art Thoughts Lifestyle Self Portrait
A place where the fire inspire the whisper of heat,feelings come out and the soul is kept calm...breath. Lifestyle Black And White Thoughts Home Sweet Home
I was just up there looking at the end of the day.Someone is taking me somewhere and i will follow him to see what's beyond the courtains. Landscape Sunset Third Paradise Artphotography
It seems to be on the top of the world...where the silence is the answer and somebody is next to you whispering the sound of peace... Landscape Clouds Lifestyle Enjoying Life San Marino Italy
Nothing to say. Music Quotes Pinkfloyd Lifestyle
New age sensation...the sound of passion and high quality vibrations! Enjoying Life Lifestyle Self Portrait italians do it better.
Essential nature of body. EyeEm Nature Lover Enjoying Life Nature Third Paradise
You might be on a long way and understand that there is always an ending...happy or not it's up on you.Italians do it better. @San Luca @Bologna Black And Whiteite Lifestyle artphotography italy ]] italy
Nothing else to say... Quotes Bynight Black And White Thoughts
I have few things that i need to be perfect one of these is wine. If u drink a good glass of wine then everything is going to have abother flavour...another point of view.Italians do it better. Lifestyle Black And White The Explorer - 2014 EyeEm Awards Wine
Quotes Lifestyle Black And White Enjoying Life
Never mind if you don't have a job,if you don't have power,if you don't have manners,if you don't have a name. Care about your feelings and carry on what makes you happy. Live your life with people who make you laugh and who tell you that you maybe wrong but always on your own way. Live your life & never mind. Quotes Lifestyle Words Art
Schedule Morning Rituals
The way you decide to live is what you want for yourself, don't be afraid about prejudices,they won't stop your soul. Quotes Imagine Words Lifestyle
"Without music life would be a mistake" Quotes Color Portrait Music Street Art Milano
This is the Third Paradise,where the natural power and the artificial world have to live together and we are part of it. It's our the challange to make it happen. Pistoletto Third Paradise Art Black And White
The more i see the less i know... Black And White Thoughts Quotes Shadows
At this time i have to rechaege what i have spent all day long. Thoughts words feelings sensations energies and now i just need to breath the silence and and be devastated by his sound. Words Black And White Thoughts Imagine
I hope to be the painter of what i'm looking for...somewhere,somehow! Quotes Words Imagine Black And White
No matter, there'a always a place where to find a star to look at together..somenight. Words Black And White Quotes Art
Summertime sadness... Salento Torre dell'orso, Puglia, Italy Artphotography The Explorer - 2014 EyeEm Awards Life Is A Beach Landscape
Maybe just the silent is gonna make my own noise... Selfportrait Black And White The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards Shadow
Sometimes you need to let the woman you are come out through your own style. Mirror Black And White Selfportrait Enjoying Life
Where is my mind... Black And White Light And Shadow Selfportrait Mirror
Be your self. Black And White Self Portrait Light And Shadow Rock N Roll
Admire. Artphotography Travelling The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards @ Ostuni
Stop the moment. Travelling Italy Black And White Bynight @ Ostuni
The end and the start. Sunset Travelling Enjoying Life Italy
Italians do it better. Salento-spiaggia delle due Sorelle - Torre dell'orso Travelling Life Is A Beach Enjoying Life Italy
Travelling is one of the most experience thing...carpe diem everytime you can do it! Travelling Black And White Self Portrait Light And Shadow
I want to ride my bycicle! Black And White Vintage Self Portrait Bynight
The sound of silent Black And White Life Is A Beach Traveling
The light has the power. Light And Shadow Nature
When the past has a magic power on what you are. Vintage tv Fifties Black And White
Left eye Eyes Self Portrait Color Portrait
What i see passes through this Self Portrait Eyes
Remember... Quotes Enjoying Life Self Portrait
Can't stay without you! Sea Black & White Life Is A Beach
Imagine Nature Italy Landscape Home Sweet Home
There is always a way to escape. Black & White Bynight Sea
Music is the solution. Quotes Music Vintage Rock N Roll
The sunset is the start of a precious moment. Sunset Black & White Traveling
Take your time and start the day with more energy. GM! Coffee Morning Black & White Vintage
Waiting for a sweet dream. Black & White Selfportrait Home Sweet Home
There's nothing better than a good glass of wine for a new point of view. Artphotography Black & White Traveling
Rose's tear drops. Beautiful things don't cry. Artphotography Nature Black & White
Your skin is the white paper,tattoos are the expression of art that belongs from your feelings and moments. Black & White Tattoo Mirror Mehendi
Water is the essential. Shadow Black & White Light And Shadow Artphotography
I see the stars Color Portrait Eyes
There is a time for your own sunshine,this is my turn! Sunshine Light And Shadow Color Portrait Self Portrait
Takashi Murakami the colorful japanese art in the shadow of the light. Japanese Artist Milan Light And Shadow
Takashi Murakami japanese contemporary art at the mirror The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards Japanese Artist Mirror Milan
May the day be a good chance to make another step of your happiness. Traveling Fly The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards
Milano Colonne di San Lorenzo Black & White Milan Italy Traveling
There is a shape for every soul but it doesn't matter if it's cool or not, it has to be the expression of the world you have inside. Black & White Vintage Vintage Interior
Going back to a certain time that won't return. Vintage Black & White
No cage can embrace the mind that belongs to dreamers Black & White Bird Cage Vintage
The night is the mirror of your drems and desires. Make them the real point of view. Black & White Mirror
What makes a woman beautiful is not a dress but the way she wears it. Vintage Vintage Fashion
Books make underground fashionable. Underground Milan Books Black & White
When the water shines under the sunny sky and the air is whispering in your ears you can just stay and listen to it! Landscape Italy @lagodigarda EyeEm Nature Lover
What a beautiful location for a wonderful concert! Castello Scalingero @villafrancadiverona Arctic Monkeys Italy Black & White
Music is the melody of my soul. Sometimes there's no way to control it,so you just go through it! Arctic Monkeys Music Concert Black & White
Black and white is always a match that emphasize the reality and brings it to the vintage it! Black & White Selfportrait Artphotography
Wondering through my mind images about "home sweet home"...! Landscape Italy The Explorer - 2014 EyeEm Awards Home Sweet Home
During some travelling i can see the world behind these eyes and keep everything inside. taking care of all the feelings and emotions. Black & White EyeEm
Artphotography Black & White Portrait EyeEm
Artphotography Black & White The Illuminator - 2014 EyeEm Awards
Color Portrait Black & White Artphotography Milan
The Moment - 2014 EyeEm Awards
The Explorer - 2014 EyeEm Awards
The Illuminator - 2014 EyeEm Awards
Landscape Colour Nature Italy
Black & White Artphotography My Dog
Artphotography Milano Color Portrait Feelgoodculture
Black & White Color Portrait
Portrait Milano Sunshine
Artphotography Black & White Portrait
Milano Streetphotography Bynight
Back to black and white Black & White Streetphotography
Color Portrait
Stay along the line
Street art @ Colonne di San Lorenzo @Milan
Rain is one of the best thing that can wash away the dirt you feel
Pt Garibaldi new place for the EXPO15