Its A Boy
Enjoying Family Time ♥
Bored Oooo Ugly Ass Lol :)
My Smile Cuz Of You My Little One And My Babe ♥♡ Never Ending Love
My Smile 2.10.12♡
yesterday at the lake i look fat lol
Just A Simple Sweet Thing Can Make My Day ♡
Love my long hair ♡
Words Cant Describe The Feeling I Get When I Think About You Yesterday Pic
I Look Wired Lol
playing around with my ugly
I Smile When I Think About My Baby But I Cry Even More Knowing That I'm Never Going To Make No One Happy With My Chooses </3
My First BestFriend My Big Brother We Fight And Everything But Hes Always There Wen I Ned Him Im Lucky To Have A Big Brother Like That Hes Not My Only Bestfriend Know Its My Babe To Of The Only Guys I Love The Most Me And My Brother Wen We Were Little
February10♡ Being Silly
I'm Happy With My Life And I Wouldn't Change It For The World ♥♡^_^
Everything he got me i love my bulldog even tho its not real hes cute and his name is M&M's
the chocolates my brother gave me he so sweet
Once Upon A Time, A Fairy Tale,Very Real, Yet Feels Like A Dream, Every Moment Is A New Memory
His Kiss Is All I Need ♡
1Year Anniversary I Love You So Much Im Glad That Your My Bestfriend And My Hubby ♥♡
what I'm doing at work bored I found nail polish in my purse
♥The Love We Have Is What Keeps My Smile♡......You Can See My Dimples
Goodmorning Pic ♥
My ugly cousin and me♥
Messy Bun Trying To Bite Him ♥
Are Silly Moments I Love Them ♡
Always Keep A Smile Don't Ever Let No One Put You Down ♡ ♀+♂=♥
My Little Primas ♡
on the way to arlington
Enjoying Family Time ♥
my baby and me being silly I love this boy I swear ♡♥
there playing the game the only boys i trust ♡♥
He was straightening my hair
my lock scree and my wallpaper from my phone they're cute
Smile No Matter Wat :D♥
o yes till i go to work the funyuns are my babes if i dont eat them
i miss my baby
on brake
He's Cooking Tacos For Me And You
Took Pics Wen He Was Asleep He Cute♡
This Is The Type Of Love That You Cant Find It Take Time But I Love That I Found It And Its With Him #February10 #MarceloSalinasJr
Hello Kitty♥
He Was Asleep I Was Bored Lol
My Babe Feel Asleep ♥
My Favorite One ♥♡