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"Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see" REALLY wishing i was back here lately. Happyspot Perrine Base
For the love of everything Ducati Panigale Rs 1199rs superleggera louisville commonwealth italian valeyellow46 ducatipanigale 1199 1199panigale
🌼 Mountainlilly Pretty Rrg Nature
Found out tonight my dad was in a pretty bad bike wreck over the weekend. Thank god he's alive. Really banged up physically and just mentally traumatized. Bikes totaled. The man that started my love of bikes. Some POS pulled out in front of him leaving a gas station. My dad was cruising up the street for a sandwich going roughly 20-30 and hit him. Completely not his fault and not avoidable. Guy stopped to look at his car and peeled out leaving him on the ground by himself. Had no insurance and not his car. If I was there id definetely be in jail for chasing him down and brutally beating him to death. No excuses. Words cant describe my anger over this. Luckily he was arrested and my dads up and walking. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers everybody. One of the toughest and best people I have the privelege to know. Ill keep posted with news. Be safe and stay on two. Motorcycle Harleydavidson Ducati Family crash dad
🐤🐥 Duc  Ducks Ducati Akrapovic brembo ducaticorse motorcycle rizoma
🌲🌳🌼🌝 Doublearch Courthouserock Redrivergorge Rei1440project gopro canon
The first thing I think of when I look at this pic is of Arnie in Predator haha Rrg Fire Hammockcamping Redrivergorge
New favorite spot at The Red. No crowds, off the path and one of the hardest hikes in the gorge. Bestview Kakaw
Liberated. Some people ride for it, some jab a vain for it, me...well... this is my drug. Groundisthelimit Huck Lostinmymind Matrix free great jump today. Practiced B rating jump with my buddy Brad and nailed it. Right 360, left 360, backflip, left 360, right 360 frontflip under 18 seconds and land within 10meters. So ready.
Leader of one with followers of none. -Jarod Lentz Rainy weekends got me jonesin to get back in the sky where i belong. Cloudsurfing Fluffy Mellows Sun
Angel with a cracked halo
Happiness at 14k feet. Epic jump today with my Skydiving family Postwork Headintheclouds Ohio gopro adventure rei1440project
Get up an hour earlier to live an hour longer. Todaysadventures Postwork Ducati Ducatisofinstagram ducatistreetfighter motorcycles
Today did not suck. Graduating from fire school with these clowns. Some of the best people I know @kappaml @r_schumann21 @matthew.x.070 @kaitlynuhrig4 @alicia89o7 @ffcord @babrownfield @mitchellcordell and some other istagramless others
Since the DZ decided to be lame and not be open on my birthday. I found myself in 2 wheels instead of in the air. Todays ride session definetely did not suck. Birthday Ducati Todaywasagoodday Icecube notskydiving
No need for bench press when these are like 10x harder. Decent holds with boots now moving to ankle weights :) Planche
Dont let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen Ducati Ducaticorse Mandatory Weekends
"Say something kind because it could be your last words"- Evan Tanner Every spring i take a few pictures of these Flowers
Gimme my weekend Rippedjeansdontcare
If i had the chance to meet one person. Just hang out and bullshit with. Itd prolly be this dude.
Anniversary shot from yesterday. Had the SF for 2 years now and still love every second on it. Not much like zoning out and getting lost on back country roads for the day to clear your head. Smilesformiles Ducati ...only riders understand
Wish I could do this for a living Smalltime Prescribedburn
Finally! Got 300x20 on squats today. Im just gonna go pass out in a corner rn Icantstandup
"And if I had a time machine id prolly use it like a vacuum and try to clean, it kind of seems quite more than a handful of these regrets have been circumstantial"
Red River Gorgeous Packbackin Rrg Rei1440project
Its finally here!!! 😊😈😊
Every rose has its thorn
*cue my Ice Cube voice* Today was a good day
Deserted gravel roads for miles 😆😈🙌
Suns out tongues out Wetwilles
Because rope climbs are the bees knees
Hydraulic Ventilation
Throwback to exploring caves. Sometimes miss having spare time for weird adventures.
Luhyou Vida Crazyeyes Stealthmode
Found this on IG. My formula... Time=money. Money=stuff therefore Stuff=time. Want more time? Dont waste money on crap you dont need.
I wish Instagram had better resolution Psh Ohwell Roadpic
Mr. Chekov, warp speed ahead! Hiking Mtairy Latenightadventures
Flashback years ago on the day i got my A license. How i miss long summer days of riding and skydiving. Murica 50shadesofred 2favoritethings Ducati skydiving
I sometimes wish things were so black and white. Easy to understand Coulditbethatitwasallsosimple
I sometimes hate being back home and grounded. Staticsareboring Chesttohorizon Deployment Linestretch gopro needair
Love you, bud. Been an amazing 10 years. 2/24/15 Tyson Zeus Poppers Mufasa
😊😊 Snow 200yrdflips Tires Bigkid  10degrees badonk getlow
All you need is less 32daystilspring Warmweather Bikes Ducati skydiving passions
More applications Wildlandfire Arizona to Montana and Everywhere in between fire starbucks getoutside
May I never be complete, may I never be content, may I never be perfect
Formula for fun Quickshifter and a Ducati