It'ss Le-Le


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Yea I'm back bitch did you miss me or you ain't care bitch
Hanging Out
Boring Class
fuck what chu heard and who you heard it from
some simple
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Me & My White Bitch
* I say I love him but that's not the deal
Fuck A Friend Be About Choue Business
My Nappy Head Ass
Happy Valentine's Day , Single Or Not I'm Happy Regardless
her ass
Bitch What
Who Gives A Fuck What A Hater Gotta Say
Kiss My Ass If You Hating
I miss my braids
Resha Fat Ass
Ima Money Getting Nigga
they say I floss to much I let my whip get them hoes I let my swagg do the talking my smile take off they clothes
W / No Make Up She A 10
I was in class posted
Long Hair , Suppa fine , she must be a gotti hoe
im the topic and the subject
he in love w / me that's his fucking problem :)
love life
what i do when I'm bored
Blow A Nigga Brains Out I Saw Everything He Know Fuck Normal Spelled Backwords Rip to Chief JoJo
goodnight :)
Me and My Love
#Today <3
Louis Vuitton Backpack & Yes It's Real
Boring Class
Who Gives A Fuck What I Hater Got To Say
Ass So Big I Told Her Look Back At It
I Love My Bestfriend