Mohamad Akid


All photos are crafted with film camera Pentax K1000 . Voigtlander Vito CLR . Konica auto S2 Because Digital camerad are too expensive
power of two Rangefinder Film Marriage  Ceremony Asian  Malaysia B&w Wedding Photography Wedding Dress Couple Blackandwhite Two People Candid Men
Flower Plant Outdoors Hibiscus Nature Growth Day Red Filmcamera Filmisnotdead 35mm Film Photography Nature
Indoors  Pets Domestic Cat One Animal Feline Portrait Looking At Camera Domestic Animals Mammal Animal Themes Home Interior No People Close-up Day Catlovers Cats Believe In Film Analogue Photography Pentaxk1000
Outdoor Photography Nature Growth Plant Nature Outdoors Filmisnotdead Fujifilm Green Color Beauty In Nature Close-up Leaf Day Rangefindercamera Believe In Film Filmcamera Analogue Photography
Shootfilmnotmegapixels Fujicolor Filmphotography Analogue Photography Filmcamera Film Photography Amateurphotographer  One Person Leisure Activity 35mm Filmisnotdead Fujifilm Pentaxk1000 Outdoors Lifestyles Day Real People Window Art Is Everywhere
Sunset Outdoors Sky No People Film Photography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Fujicolor Filmphotography Neighborhood Rangefindercamera Street City 35mm Balcony View Window View
Furnitures Wood - Material Real People Indoors  Sitting People Lifestyles Filmisnotdead Filmcamera Analogue Photography Believe In Film Konica Rangefinder Close-up Interior Urban Landscape Neighborhood Rangefindercamera Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmphotography Film Photography Fujicolor Iso100
Real People One Person Lifestyles Leisure Activity Drinking Coffeeshop Amateurphotographer  Amateurphotographer  Filmphotography Filmisnotdead Shootfilmnotmegapixels Film Photography Filmcamera Rangefindercamera Street Selfportrait Standing Young Adult Young Women Day Front View Outdoors Sky Adults Only Adult
Lifestyles Real People Two People Leisure Activity Young Women Close-up People Adults Only Outdoors Building Neighborhood Urban Landscape Analogue Photography Film Photography 35mm Filmcamera Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Kodak Daylight Amateurphotographer  Amateurphotographer  Coffeeshop Drinking
City Neighborhood Urban Landscape Analogue Photography 35mm Film Photography Ghetto Balcony View Believe In Film Filmcamera Apartment Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmphotography Pentax K1000 Building Filmisnotdead The City Light
35mm Believe In Film Film Photography Filmcamera Analogue Photography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Plant Apartment Balcony View Urban Landscape Airview Neighborhood Ghetto City
Pour some love Coffeeshop Baristalife Leather Drinking Film Photography 35mm Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmcamera Analogue Photography People Konica Rangefinder Filmphotography Rangefindercamera Interior
Apartments Living Room Plants Decoration Daylight Analogue Photography Neighborhood Kodak Film Photography Filmcamera Pentax K1000 Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Nature On Your Doorstep Window Slrphotography Amateurphotographer  Room Home The Secret Spaces
Nature On Your Doorstep Greenery Nature Grass Analogue Photography Kodak Film Photography Filmphotography Filmisnotdead Neighborhood Shootfilmnotmegapixels Day Filmcamera Pentax K1000 Slrphotography
Ventilation Kodak Analogue Photography Film Photography Rangefindercamera Shootfilmnotmegapixels 35mm Filmphotography Film Filmisnotdead Window Interior Minimalist Architecture The Secret Spaces
Kodak Analogue Photography 35mm Film Photography Neighborhood City Pentax K1000 Cityscapes Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Amateurphotographer  Apartments Building The City Light
35mm Analogue Photography Asian  Coffeeshop Film Film Photography Filmcamera Headshot Illuminated Kodak Leisure Activity Lifestyles People
Wood Alleyway Film Photography Pentax K1000 Analogue Photography Kodak 35mm Filmcamera Selective Focus Neighborhood City Dodgy
Cityscapes Train Analogue Photography Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels 35mm Film Filmcamera Day Colours Kodak The City Light The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Lowlight Shadows & Lights Filmphotography Rangefinder Analogue Photography Streetphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead The City Light
Streetphotography Analogue Photography 35mm Kodak Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Filmcamera Rangefinder Konica Streetfood Hawkerfood The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Streetphotography Analogue Photography Film Photography Kodak 35mm Filmcamera Filmisnotdead Rangefindercamera Filmphotography Gafitti Wall Art Art Is Everywhere
Candid Rangefindercamera Kodak Film Photography Analogue Photography Rangefinder Streetphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead 35mm Filmcamera Stadium Sports Football
Film 35mm Konica Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Asian Culture Streetphotography Analogue Photography Film Photography Kodak Rangefinder Headshot Close-up Rangefindercamera Portrait Candid
Streetphotography Midday Analogue Photography Kodak Film Photography Rangefinder Filmisnotdead Shootfilmnotmegapixels 35mm Filmphotography Konica Streetfood Asian Culture Film The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Analogue Photography Casual Clothing Close-up Doodle Film Photography Filmisnotdead Focus On Foreground Headshot Kodak Rangefinder Selective Focus Shootfilmnotmegapixels
Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Headshot Kodak Neighborhood Portrait Rangefinder Shootfilmnotmegapixels Sky Street Photography Streetphotography Sun Sunbeam Sunlight Analogue Photography The City Light
Coffee Film Filmcamera Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Kodak Lifestyles Long Hair Potrait Rangefinder Shootfilmnotmegapixels Streetphotography Young Adult Analogue Photography 35mm Rangefindercamera Amateurphotographer
Chef Qayyum Candid Close-up Daytime Film Filmphotography Kodak Konica Rangefinder Streetphotography
Blackandwhite Day Dirty Elevated View Film Photography Filmisnotdead Garbage Hobo Ilford Konica Lowlightphotography No People Rangefinder Shootfilmnotmegapixels Stationary
Hitam putih masa depan, sendirian menentukan, hidup ini usah dipersiakan Filmphotography Analogue Photography City Street Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead Film Filmcamera Rangefinder City Blackandwhite Ilford Storytelling Monochrome Film Photography Rangefindercamera Konica
Blurtiful 2 City City Street Defocused Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Illuminated Kodak Light Night Nightmarket Rangefinder Shootfilmnotmegapixels Streetphotography Voigtländer Blur Filmcamera Analogue Photography Analog Camera
Concrete Concretephotography 35mm Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead Rangefinder Film Ilford HP5 Plus Outdoors Blackandwhite Film Photography Eyeemphotography Monochrome Kodak Analog Camera Rangefindercamera Konica Minimalist Architecture
Blackandwhite Close-up Day Film Film Photography Filmisnotdead Headshot Ilford HP5 Plus Konica Monochrome Oldman Outdoors Potrait Rangefinder Storytelling Shootfilmnotmegapixels Thestreetphotographer2016eyeemawards Theportraitist-2016eyeemawards The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Eyeemphotography Film Filmisnotdead Analog Camera Filmcamera Rangefinder 35mm Film Photography Streetphotography Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Road Blackandwhite Ilford Thestreetphotographer2016eyeemawards The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Yashica Streetphotography Rangefinder Kodak Filmisnotdead Film Photography Filmcamera Plant Growth Film Day Amateurphotographer  Filmphotography Eyeemphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Analog Camera Nature Pink Flowerporn Close-up Flower 35mm
Bus Day Driving Film Film Photography Filmcamera Filmisnotdead Kodak Land Vehicle On The Move Rangefinder Reflection Road Side-view Mirror Streetphotography Traffic Jam Transportation Vehicle Seat Yashica
Lowlight Books Shootfilmnotmegapixels Voigtländer Film Photography Rangefinder Filmcamera Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Kodakfilm Analog Camera Film Kodak Day Grainy Eyeemphotography Amateurphotographer  Bedroom Window Shadow
Wonderful slipperry thing Guitar Music Musician Guitarist Film Analog Camera Voigtländer Filmcamera Rangefinder Film Photography Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Streetphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Kodak Still Life Kodakfilm Grainy ISO400 ASIA Instrument
Rangefinder Streetphotography Plant Selective Focus Close-up Filmcamera Film Filmisnotdead Day Kodak Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Analog Camera Voigtländer Film Photography Growth Nature Still Life
Close-up Day Film Filmcamera Filmisnotdead Filmphotography Glass Kodak Selective Focus Still Life Upclose Street Photography
Blurtiful 1 Blurred Voigtländer Kodak Portra Filmphotography Filmcamera Kodakfilm Filmisnotdead Grainy Film Photography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Analog Camera ISO400
Voigtländer Kodakfilm Filmcamera Kodak Portra Analog Camera Filmphotography Shootfilmnotmegapixels Filmisnotdead Coffee Grainy Coldbrew Film Photography Upclose Street Photography Thestreetphotographer2016eyeemawards
Fence Filmcamera Filmphotography Growth Kodak Portra Kodakfilm Nature Plant Voigtländer Upclose Street Photography Naturediversity
Family Filmphotography Analog Camera Kodak Portra Shootfilmnotmegapixels Kids Filmcamera Upclose Street Photography
Old soul First Eyeem Photo ASIA Malaysia Woodworking Thestreetphotographer2016eyeemawards Art Is Everywhere The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards