Christopher Ho


A self-taught photographer, who loves music and travelling.
Films not dead! Film Kosmo Bergger Ferrania Black And White Photography Blackandwhite
Enjoy holiday with good food! Italian Food Summicron 50mm Leicacamera Bolognese Fettuccine Au Ragu
Art Deco Architecture Leica Mp Summicron 35mm
Reflection Leica Mp
Xpro2 Beautiful Woman Summicron 50mm Fujifilm Leica Italian Style Coffee Barista
Beautiful Woman Makeup Artist Leica 50mm Summicron M262
Titanic Exhibition Jack Rose♥ Script Drawing Heart Of The Ocean Leica M262 50mm Summicron
Ballerina Girl Fujifilm Xpro2 Elinchrom
Staircase Steps And Staircases
Staircases in Vatican
Horses in Florence Italy
Street of Genoa, Italy, Europe, Liguria
Venice, Italy Gondola Canals And Waterways
Street Art/Graffiti Firenze Florence Italy
At Sheila E Concert Metro
Colors And Patterns
Colors And Patterns
Colors And Patterns
Dramatic Angles Taipei 101
Euroespresso at Aroma Festival The Rocks Sydney
Clouds And Sky
Goulash Soup at a Specialist Cafe called John Smith in Alexandria, Sydney
Original Experiences Genoa, Italy, Europe, Liguria Natural Light Portrait
A Dog in Crowded Night Market
Carriageworks Night Market Sydney, Australia
Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 MeinAutomoment
Sunset Clouds And Sky
911 914 Michelin Pirelli Porsche Saver Space Spacesaver Tyres
Michelin Motor Motorsport Pirelli Porsche Racing Tyres
718 Boxster Porsche Rennsport Spyder
Porsche Rennsport Festival Carrera 3.2
In The Sky Qantas Flight ✈
Up Close Street Photography Walk The Dog
Border Collie Pet Dogs Black And White
Shashuka Cumulus Brunch Around The World
Hyde Park, Sydney Bubbles Leica MP Fujifilm 35mm Summicron 35mm
Love in Taipei,Taiwan Leica M6 Kodak Summicron 35mm
Hopetoun Tea Room High Tea Cakes
Graffiti Art Hosier Lane
Vegetables Tomatoes Greens Carrots Broccoli Market
Flowers Street Photography Melbourne
Border Collie Pet Dogs Black And White
Telling Stories Differently
Showing Imperfection
Up Close Street Photography May The Force Be With You
Bamboo Film Photography Arista Premium Film Black And White Photography
Bunny 🐰 Lubitel 166+ Film Film Photography Medium Format Kodak Portra Girl Bokeh Bokehlicious Swirl Rabbits 🐇 Natural Light Portrait
Girl Black And White Black And White Photography Kodak Tri-X 400 Film Film Photography The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Bondi Beach Clouds And Sky Blue Sky Kodak Portra Film Photography Film
Rolleicord Kodak Portra Medium Format Film Film Photography Boat Dock
Hong Kong Cheung Chau Island Film Photography Film Kodak Portra Leica Mp Boats Docks Travel Photography
Gondola Venice, Italy Film Photography Film Travel Photography
Grand Canal Venice, Italy Film Photography Film Travel Photography
Florence Italy Mona Lisa Street Art Street Artist Travel Photography
Genoa, Italy, Europe, Liguria Film Film Photography Travel Photography
Portrait Of A Woman Portraits Lingerie Fashion Motorcycle Bra @sarahlshaw
Inside Sydney Opera House Concert Hall  Organ
Inside Sydney Opera House Architecture
Inside Sydney Opera House Architecture
Sydney Opera House Architecture
Positano, Italy Travel Photography Amalfi Coast
Gondola Venice, Italy Travel Photography
Ports Nigra GERMANY🇩🇪DEUTSCHERLAND@ Travel Photography
Frankfurt After Dark Photoshoot After Dark At Night GERMANY🇩🇪DEUTSCHERLAND@ Travel Photography
Ferris Wheel Sydney, Australia
VIVID Sydney Lightings
VIVID Sydney Lightings
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Barrels Wine
Tama Drums Rock'n'Roll Music
Marshall Amp Roland Rock'n'Roll Amplifiers
Coral Leaves🌿
Misty Morning Foggy Morning
Construction Worker
Mila Design
Lighthouse Watsons Bay Sydney, Australia First Eyeem Photo