Marco Montagnana


greyhound adopter & rescue supporter, amateur photographer & EyeEm addict, iPhone 6 and Nexus 7 enthusiast

Portal London Calling Urban Landscape Cityscapes Walking Around EyeEm Best Shots Enjoying Life Eye4photography
Biding my time London Calling Streetphotography Street Photography Eye4photography  Urban Landscape Cityscapes
The most obvious snapshot in London London Calling Historical Sights Public Transportation Notes From The Underground Check This Out Eye4photography
the London Eye looks nice even under the rain Clouds And Sky Rainy Days Check This Out Hanging Out London Calling EyeEm Best Shots Urban Landscape
The Clouds And Sky and The Alps From An Airplane Window Enjoying Life Check This Out
The colors of Brighton Living Bold Hanging Out Walking Around Urban Landscape Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Check This Out London Calling
A different kind of platform Public Transportation Catching A Bus Monochrome Blackandwhite Commuting Urban Landscape EyeEm Bnw Eye4blackandwhite
Postcard London Calling Public Transportation Cityscapes Urban Landscape Check This Out Walking Around
Warm and cozy Greyhound Enjoying Life Check This Out Animal Portrait Eye4photography  AdoptDontShop
London Hydraulic Power Company Walking Around London Calling Urban Landscape EyeEm Best Shots Historical Sights Check This Out Cityscapes
St. Pancras at sunset London Calling Urban Landscape Silhouette Sunset Church Check This Out Hanging Out Clouds And Sky Architecture Monuments
A night on the Thames Urban Landscape Night Lights Nightphotography Check This Out Eye4photography  London Calling
A tribute to the horse Monuments Check This Out Walking Around Hanging Out EyeEm Best Shots London Calling
Framed chat Commuting Check This Out Candid Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Monochrome EyeEm Bnw Looking To The Other Side
Urban decay Urban Landscape Beauty Of Decay Monochrome Eye4blackandwhite Blackandwhite Check This Out
This is a District Line Train Notes From The Underground London Calling Public Transportation Check This Out EyeEm Best Edits Eye4photography
Rust never sleeps The Devil's In The Detail Beauty Of Decay Check This Out Eye4photography
Pleasant encounter Hanging Out Dog Greyhound Portrait Check This Out London Calling
Suddenly, at a cross in Poland Street Living Bold Urban Landscape Looking To The Other Side Check This Out London Calling
The wall Abandoned Architecture Historical Sights Urban Landscape Blackandwhite Monochrome EyeEm Bnw Eye4blackandwhite Check This Out
Urban Landscape Architecture Bus Public Transportation Sunset_collection Check This Out Eye4photography