Trying to recreate my visual perception in images. Not easy. iPhone XR/Nikon D750. Contact me martin [at]
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View of closed door
Close up of grass
Close-up of rock formation
Close-up of purple flowers
Close-up of colored pencils over white background
Close-up of historical building
Close-up of flowers growing on wall
Close-up of flower
Low angle view of built structure
Blurred motion of train at railroad station
Close-up of multi colored candies
Low angle view of building against sky
Close-up of insect on tree trunk
Close-up of snake
Statue of woman in park
Close-up of text on wall
Close-up of glass
Close-up of illuminated lamp
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
View of train
Close-up of plants in front of wall
Text on wall at night
Cars moving on city street
Railroad station platform
Full frame shot of raindrops on window
View of building through window
Scenic view of landscape
Potted plants against white wall
Scenic view of calm sea
Empty chairs and table
Scenic view of field against cloudy sky
View of window
Narrow walkway in forest
Lifeguard hut on beach
High angle view of railroad tracks
Lifeguard hut on beach against sky
View of beach on sunny day
High angle view of footpath
Scenic view of calm sea against sky
Seagull perching on wooden post
Multi colored graffiti on wall
Low angle view of tower against sky at sunset
Train on railroad track against sky
Parasols against sky
High angle view of water
Close-up of food in row
Scenic view of grassy field against cloudy sky
Sailboats moored in sea against sky
View of road against cloudy sky
View of illuminated tunnel
Traffic on road at night
Empty seats in train
Close-up of coffee on table
Dining table in restaurant
Close-up of text on paper
Close-up of grapes
Low angle view of built structure
Silhouette of people walking on street at night
High angle view of white containers
Close up of kitchen
Full frame shot of kitchen
Close-up of white arranged in plate
Full frame shot of nuts
Brick wall with brick wall
Full frame shot of stones
Low angle view of tree
Close-up of window
Close-up of leaves
Trees on grassy field
Full frame shot of ice
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Silhouette of people standing on mountain
Scenic view of lake against clear blue sky
Full frame shot of sky
Statue of a fountain
Buildings in city
Close-up of flowers
Close-up of colorful built structure
Rear view of man standing in sea
Reflection of clouds in sea
Silhouette of pier on calm lake
Rear view of people sitting on chair
Bicycles parked in row
Full frame shot of tree
Interior of office building
Woman standing in front of building
Low angle view of bird perching on roof against sky
Close-up of bird sculpture
Low angle view of modern office building
Low angle view of built structure
Rear view of woman standing on chair
Cat looking through window
People walking in subway station
Boats in sea
Close-up of wood on table
Close-up of decoration hanging against wall
Low section of woman sitting on bed
Close-up of dog
Rear view of man sitting on table