My Hägglund


love it when this app make all emoticons from Instagram into question marks.......... That's Me Relaxing Selca Selfie ✌
Och en till!
missekatt ?
Såhär fint är det inte denna afton, varmt som fan, men åska i luften ⚡⚡☔ efter 14h jobb här jag så ont i fötterna att de värker som aldrig förr!!!
ughhhh I CANT SLEEP Frustrating Annoying Fml
ohhhhh yeeeaaaah
2 fatass bags from Waterstones, books, yes but what books....?
Finally home from work and had dinner, after just one more ep of KUWTK I'll go and visit the wee kitties Sammy and Oscar, before heading to Waterstones.
Too tired to get shit done.
and here's the other lil fellow!
One wee cat....
....not without my magical wonderland pocket watch ?
Time for some quality time with caaaats!
Workout with PT all done! ?? Shower and chillaxing before heading to the cats I'm babysitting for the weekend ?? and then....... ADVENTUREEEEEE ??
new in: notebooks (among other things.....) ??
Foodprep like a fuckin boss..!?? PS Scottish venison is the best flipping meat EVEErrrr, dear god it's beyond good!!!!!!!!! ???
Chillaxing after work at the book cafe like ? OneCheatMeal per week.
Marknad no 2 here I come
Så jävla BRAAAA ???
Älskar dig, Sverige.
För jag vill leva, jag vill dö i norden ♡
...and then I got some protein powder, Electromix and a teatox to feel less bloated! Now is high time to do a minor food prep and have dinner r before getting dolled up for the show tonight ??
Grym session med min PT sedan direkt ner till teatern och kirra biljett...?
Want to go to Londoooon...!
Worst rain ever
my sis told me to get this app and join the competition. so I did, haha. So this is me and today was terrible = I missed hugs from my cat Picasso extra, extra much ?? Selca Selfie ✌ Hello World
If i lived alone or were allowed to have a pet one of these adorable duckies would already be sitting in my hand or next to me swimming in a little bath...! Seriously £10 for a baby duck, always wanted one haha Fml Needmyownplace
Taking a pw like ??
Chillaxing after an awesome workout with my PT Katie ??? Had a delicious dinner consisting of boiled chicken, sweet potato and raw broccolis + a sandwich packed with chicken slices ? All this chillaxing while watching the hunger games for the first time, haha! Sucks that the xmen and bourne films arent available at Netflix?
sorta missing London today and making plans for the future ☆☆
2h40min power walk - CHECK!! ?
Yesterday was perfect dress-weather! Had a lovely time with my friends from France ?? then had to head home early since I'm working today ☺??
love love loveeeee my PT Katie! She's almost like my very own Jillian Michaels:)
so cute ?
Casually ute och sprang like ?
Varit ute och sprungit
FarewellMyLover MochaCoconut
Back up outfit! Can't wear leopard print 24/7 ?
New in: running gear! Thank god Primark exist when one needs to save money for future adventures ☺?
Alla fina kort jag fick precis till min födelsedag :) ♡ Lovemyfamily
And off I go to get myself a personal trainer ?
Xmen is one of the most brilliant movies ever and fml yet again i wish i was a mutant.... Since that wish probbably wont come true tonight ill drink a birthday mojito with champagne :)
Dinner timeeee!!!! ??
Thank god I have found my new hair salon ? can't wait to see the result!
Snabb frukost innan ett spontant besök hos frisören! £75 för blekning, färgning och klippning!!
Well needed shoulder massage and champagne straight from heaven. 23Tomorrow
One spoon a day keep the craving away hahah Frozenyoghurt Benandjerrys
Come to Starbucks at Palmerston Place for some free frappuchino samples ??
All dolled up for our crazy frappuchino day at work hahah