British/French living in Tenerife. 16. Vegan, nature, travel, green, RAVER, music, art, love, peace, family, respect, friends, meditation and Shiva.
Memories. Animals Pets Love Nature
fire and rain, light and dark, love and hate, you and I. India Wedding Blonde Happiness
Tenderness India Travel Animals Elefant
This is how Indians roll haha Travel India Family
...but he got back on his feet. India Animals Nature Travel
Pushkar gave my head wings to fly back whenever. Animals Nature Travel India
haha I'm confident about my weirdness, thanks. Blonde Pets Animals Love
It's all about happiness when I'm with her, je t'aime bebe d'amour! Friends Tenerife Blonde
our first day together, baby Suomi and baby Trippi <3 Animals Pets Nature
Stretched neck. Culture Travel Colorful
beautiful mother, on my way to Nepal! Travel Colorful Culture
The best doggie in the world is called Marlene, she's mine and I adore her! <3 Nature Pets Animals
lovely lake we sat by for hours in tibet. Travel Tibet Nature Lakes
Those days... beautiful rice fields in Tibet. Nature Tibet Travel Colorful
This rat is called Suomi, he was my lovely pet but he sadly died a month ago. I miss him a lot and wish him a lovely time in animal heaven. RIP little sweetheart! Nature Animals Pets
This is a picture I took in Tibet, wonderfull Tibet. Travel Nature Tibet
my mum and I had sooo much fun making this! Art Mosaic Colorful
Well this is me a year ago in India, at my sisters wedding! Travel India Henna
My dad is an artist <3 Art Travel Nature
boredom can be pretty! Art Henna
My temple and I... India Travel
Super sorpresaaaaaaa! *-* Had a lovely time with my dad and my gran. :3
puedes perder un diente, pero nunca la sonrisa. :)
getting ready for the surpriiiiise *-* First Eyeem Photo