Mithun Philip


Rain isnt going to deter these kids from celebrating GaneshChaturthi ..they sit at LordGanesha's feet, drenched as they send him off.. Blackandwhite Festivemood Mumbai Oneplustwocamera Eeyem Mumbai
Lord Ganesh bids farewell..will see him again next year.. Till then... GaneshChaturthi MumbaiDiaries Festivemood Oneplustwocamera Blackandwhite Mumbai Eeyem Mumbai
Witnessed Visarjan (immersion of Lord Ganesh idol's) yesterday. Being my first visarjan, have to say, the festival lives upto its reputation, much energy and enthusiasm felt in the streets Mumbai Festivemood Blackandwhite GaneshChaturthi Whileitsraining MumbaiDiaries Picoftheday Eeyem Mumbai
Its been raining the whole day... Lovely Weather Rainy Day Hey Eeyem Oneplusphotograpgy MumbaiDiaries
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