Misty Rodriguez


Hamper time
Just doing some screen printing with Diablotexas!
King of pillow mountain!
They love each other!
Found the goat in our night stand!
A note from one of my tables!
Oh snap!
This is how we woke up from the storm!
Hot teen muff!
Goat back rub!
I was watching I made my mom for mother's day. Yes I am 12¡¡!
Cuddles with aunt Blair @pandablaire
Hamilton's big belly shows how much he has enjoyed all the leaves on the ground from the storm!
One sleepy goat!
Hamilton's new blue hair!
@pandablaire too cute
Love this girl! Happy birthday wk day two to me!
Everyone should be jealous of me right now!
Oh what a sweet goat life!
This guy!
What we do
About to add some tea to my sugar! Hello sugar high!
Sleepy goat
Parts 2
Best $20 spent! Make slashes in minutes! This one is Big Red
Now he is just being funny!
Asleep at my feet standing up, while I fold cloths!
I am pretty
Date Night
Merry Xmas from wits end
Happy Monday!
New hairs! @tammycard
Art festival 2012
On my walk to work!
Sleepy time goat, comes in all sizes!
Playing the wii... Wtf does that guy have cornrows!?
Here's what I ate today, if you wanted to know
Sweet goat
Through the ears!
Sleepy goat
Gd hello kitty on the back of my head! @jessica @diablotexas no body messes with kitty!
My super man @ my body party. @diablotexas
They want the pizza Really Bad!
That's one sleepy goat!
I came home to find one these guys in the freezer, one still partying in the bathroom and the clown that apparently was NOT funny! Some party! @lauren_unreal @diablotexas
This little guy has been my nurse today!
We got our noses did!
Ppl watching at capitol
Even the way he sleeps is Gay!
That's what she said!
This pervert was caught watching me shower!
Top golf vacation
Misty Jr. Is Really scary! I will kill a bitch!
Profecting the chick fil a recipe!
It don't matter if you are black or white
Goat horns!
My curl
Happy Steak and a Bj day!
Pre flight meal
My new elbow
It's jeaus! @pandablaire
@omgjennyp yo crazy! I just noticed these are the exact colors in our kitchen! And I know you haven't been to our house! Wtf! :p
I love my goat!
I think my flight attendant liked me... Her: would I like some nuts? Me: I love nuts in my mouth! Her: anyone who is that excited gets more nuts! And tosses 6bags in my lap! Touché, touché
Just prirate 'n around downtown
I got your fun sticks!
Fiesta goat!
Call a cab! This bear is wasted!
New House stuff
New House stuff
That's how we roll! @lostinluve