The creative mind plays with objects it loves. Carl Jung All my work is shot with my GALAXY NOTE 2

Clouds And Sky Blackandwhite Eye4photography  PixlrExpress Ice
This is the original shot I took of this face I saw in the sky. Sky And Clouds Sky Clouds Sunset
Beautiful Sunset. Sunset Sun Tress Eye4photography  Minneapolis PixlrExpress Nature Beauty
Sunset over Minneapolis PixlrExpress
Overlaying and manipultating images of Martin L Gore Depeche Mode Blackandwhite Noir Eye4photography  PixlrExpress
I love my husband so much. Mindfulness Prayer Praying Eye4photography  Portrait Vignette For Android PixlrExpress Love Marriage
Watching Madonna on Jimmyfallon with my husband Blackandwhite
A few of my old cameras. Blackandwhite PixlrExpress Vignette For Android Antiques Camera
Best record store in Minneapolis Minnesota Electic Fetus
More Trees Eye4photography  Vignette For Android Minneapolis Blackandwhite
More Birds! Minneapolis Trees Birds Eye4photography  Blackandwhite PixlrExpress
I love the Night Nightphotography Stars Trees PixlrExpress Vignette For Android
Blackandwhite Vignette For Android Portrait Eye4photography  my husband Shane!
Anstract Sunset Aftertherain PixlrExpress Vignette For Android
I decided to play with the double exposure on PixlrExpress Sunset Clouds Sky Sky And Clouds
I was at the Minneapolis Institute Of Art and I saw this of Ludwig Van Beethoven I am unsure of the artist, just that he was German. Anyway this stopped me in my tracks. I love when art can do this. Art Gallery Mia
More Sunset Minneapolis PixlrExpress Eye4photography  Vignette For Android
The Birds! Blackandwhite PixlrExpress Eye4photography  Birds Trees Minneapolis
My Suki enjoying the Spring Day Dachshund Dachshunds Dogs PixlrExpress Vignette For Android I Love My Dachshund I Love My Dog
Madonna Jimmyfallon Blackandwhite Vignette For Android
More Trees. Black And White Trees Moonlight Nightphotography PixlrExpress Vignette For Android Sadness