The creative mind plays with objects it loves. Carl Jung All my work is shot with my GALAXY NOTE 2
Victorian Death Memento Mori Goth Spirits Victorianpostmortemphotography Digitalart  Gothicart
Photomanipulation Darkart Dark Portrait Digitalart  Gothic Beauty  Gothicart Goth
Digitalart  Photoart Collage Collageart Photomanipulation Conceptart Conceptual Darkart
Digitalart  Dark_portraits Digitalpainting _mastersofdarkness_ Loves_edits Ig_artistry Artvisuals Photomanipulation Ominous_perfection
This is the tunnel where everyone was leaving messages. I added the picture. It was interesting being at Paiselypark Prince  Ripprince Digitalart  Photomanipulation
Digitalart  Darkart Darkportraits Dark_portraits Photomanipulation Loves_edits Ig_artistry _mastersofdarkness_
Digitalart  Mementomori Victorian Photomanipulation Darkart Gothicart Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography
Digitalart  Blackandwhite Victorian Photomanipulation Dark Portrait Gothicart Ghosts SpiritsGoth
Mementomori Victorian Death Darkart Digitalart  Photomanipulation
Digitalart  Artvisuals Photocomposite Photoart Conceptart Digitalartwork Loves_edits Masters_of_darkness Friendsofshadowandlight Poe Edgarallanpoe Victorian Death Spirits Ghosts Collage Digitalcollage
Digitalart  Skulls Dark_portraits _mastersofdarkness_ Dark_infinity Darkart Photomanipulation Loves_edits E_wiz E_wiz_wtm
We were just at Paisleypark took a ton of pictures. Ripprince Minnesota Colorphotography
Digitalart  Darkart Photomanipulation Digitalpainting
Digitalart  Darkart Gothicart Death Photomanipulation
Darkart Goth Gothicart Dark Portrait Photomanipulation Victorian Death Skulls Blackandwhite Digitalart
Bellalagosi Bella Digitalart  Photoart Darkart Photomanipulation Skulls _mastersofdarkness_ Loves_edits Dark_portraits Gothicart
Digitalart  Photomanipulation Conceptart Digitalartwork Loves_edits Ominous_perfection _mastersofdarkness_ Dark_portraits Darkart Skulls Photoart
Digitalart  Photomanipulation Darkart Skulls Gothicart Dark_portraits Darkandbeautiful _mastersofdarkness_ Loves_edits Ig_artistry Blackandwhite Dark_infinity
On our way to Paisley Park. MinneapolisMN
Digitalart  Victorian Photomanipulation Darkart Gothicart Skulls Death _mastersofdarkness_ Loves_edits Dark_portraits