The creative mind plays with objects it loves. Carl Jung All my work is shot with my GALAXY NOTE 2

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and its been a long week. He meant a lot to us here and around the world. Rest well our Sweetprince Ripprince Digitalart  Blackandwhite Photomanipulation
Digitalart  Edgarallanpoe Poe Collage Photomanipulation Darkart
Me trying to be beautiful! Digitalart  Photoedit Photomanipulation Beauty
Digitalart  Darkart Skulls Photomanipulation Blackandwhite
Digital Art Collage Photomanipulation Photoart
Photomontage Photomanipulation Digitalart  Digitaledit Photoedit Photoart Timelessbeauty Conceptualart Composites
Victorian Photoart Photoedit Digitalart  Timelessbeauty Darkart Photomanipulation Digitaledit
Digitalart  Collage Photomanipulation Darkart Victorian
Here in MinneapolisMN we all have a heavy heart today more I think than anyone else. We are forever grateful for the music and memories. But also for what Prince  did for the community. Ripprince
Joancrawford Digitalart  Noir Photomanipulation Darkart
Digitalart  Skull Darkart Photomanipulation
Digitalart  Photomanipulation Darkart Photoart Death Diadelosmuertos
Photomontage Photoedit Digitaledit Photomanipulation Photoart Digitalart  Planes
Timelessbeauty Victorian Photoedit Photoart Digitalart
Lucilleball Digitalart  Photomanipulation Collage Digitalcollage
Digitalart  Skulls Cats Collage Darkart Photomanipulation
I was so sad to hear of Angus Scrimm. Another one gone this year RIP Angusscrimm Phantasm Digitalart  Collage Darkart Horror Horrorfan Photomanipulation
Digital Art Photoart Timelessbeauty Selfie Blackandwhite Self Portrait
Photomontage Photomanipulation Digitalart  Photoart Darkart Skulls
Me and my Suki. Dachshund Blackandwhite Photography Digitaledit Photoedit Timelessbeauty
Digitaledit Editjunkie Photomanipulation Conceptualart Darkart Digitalart  Photoart Conceptual