Teeway Hurley


It's a grillin' kinda day Texas Summer
Emma Beagador Blackdogsofinstagram Rescue
Freshlypicked from the garden Oakleafhydrangeas Lilies
my Lilies have started to bloom :)
worth every penny Furminator
Leopold "Butters" Stotch Sheltie Dogsofinstagram
every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you... Noprivacy Needy Sheltie Bathroomproblems
waiting for daddy to wake up Sheltie Needy
pork blood stew.. mmmm.. Jon won't even touch it. lol Dinuguan
my Malunggay is slowly growing. behind it is the orange star that hubby surprised me with a few nights ago. gotta love a man who gives flowers for no reason. Orangestar
ReeDrummond Thepioneerwoman chicken chipotle chili, cheddar corn bread Instagramthatshiz
Homemade soaps from hubby's coworker Shea Hemp Coffee instagrameverything photojournal
hubby's Makeahead Lunch Cuban Picadillo
Swedish Meatballs Instagrameverything
hubby's Makeahead Lunch Baon Chickenhavana
fresh flowers at home never fail to make me smile :) Simplejoys
easy French food at home Laura Calder Poulet au paprika and buttery Orzo (onion, bell pepper, fennel, white wine, cream, paprika)
Spinach from my backyard. :) asparagus, baby bellas, garlic, spinach, pinot grigio and grated parm over bowtie pasta = Healthylunch for the husbter.
this is simmering in my kitchen right now. Lemon Rosemary Vanilla home deodorizer. house smells amazing :)
Blackbean Tostadas Flautas Taquitos mexican homecooking
my Mexican station waiting for hubby to arrive. it's Flautas Tostadas and Taquitos night. :)
Spinach pesto, Peas Homemade Pizza margherita banana blueberry orange yogurt smoothie
pasta with Spinach (fresh from the backyard) pesto and peas
so.. we meet again.. Diablo3
chicken Biryani as requested Indian Pakistani
shopping for new toys Petsmart Dogsofinstagram
Beagador Sheltie Rescue Dogsofinstagram
grooming time Petsmart
my non-GMO, organic seeds have arrived! Simplejoys Photojournal Gardening Spring2014
labor of love. it was a pain in the butt to make Falafel Tzatziki Flatbread  all from scratch. hubby's so happy :)
Gardening Square -foot Spring2014
finally warm enough to plant my veggies, herbs and flowers outside Greenonions Celery Lemongrass Sedum rosemary geranium spring2014
Carbonara classico GuyFieri
hubby's request Shumai Siomai
day 40 same old Sunday routine - husband wakes me up around noon and takes care of the food for the whole day. Dayoffsiinday Lent
Day 39 Lent Villavinci Scampi
Day 37 Bananasplit Sonic
day 36 hubby's dinner Beef Salpicao Swisschard (mine's minus the beef)
day 32 Lent Clam Chowder Redrobin
day 29 and 30 Flu Bleh
Veg lasagna Meatless
day 27 Kimchi Friedrice Meatless Lent