Miloš Pešić

Photographer from Serbia. Shooting Digital and 35mm Film. Instagram:
Miloš Pešić
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Dog sleeping on floor
Close-up of cookies on table
Close-up of cookies on table
High angle view of cookies
Close-up of cake
High angle view of christmas decoration on table
Close-up of christmas decoration
Close-up of vintage car
Close-up of machine part
Low angle view of orange building against sky
Interior of illuminated building
Close-up of bird perching on wall
Close-up of bird against blurred trees
Close-up of branch in forest at night
Close-up of curtain
Close-up of bare trees in forest during winter
Walkway amidst trees during autumn
Trees in forest during autumn
Street amidst trees during autumn
Close-up of illuminated window
Close-up of rocks in water
Railroad tracks in city against sky
Trees on landscape in forest
Tree on landscape against clear sky
High angle view of flower on table
Close-up of camera on table
Close-up of table at home
Silhouette of cityscape against cloudy sky
Close-up portrait of man
Silhouette trees against dramatic sky during sunset
Close-up of metallic structure
Scenic view of mountain against sky
Rear view of woman using mobile phone
Low angle view of leaves on tree
Close-up of chain
Aerial view of landscape with mountain in background