Millena D-Lite


Well hello there My name is Millena Hidaway D-lite Aka Domino I am SoCal's Electro pop Princess And a DragJuggernaut
Public Transportation Notes From The Underground Commuting . Running Late
In the middle of the night you don't know what I'm thinking but still the stars they sparkle and shine seems like all of the time our boat was slowly sinking you didn't even seem to mind Sleep Garbage Christ Beauty stars magic
Be still my soul InnerBeauty Life Love Soul colors
Be still my soul Love Life Soul Colors
I just wake up this way Innovating Top Secret Mission Model
Supernormal Mission Mystery just another normal afternoon.
Mission Mystery Hello World Believe Relaxing I wonder what life has in store for me today it's always a mystery.
Domino The Cat Relaxing Enjoying Life Winding Down
Rogue Enjoying Life Cheese! Model my baby girl
Having an amazing evening Bombshell body
I will live to Drag another day Believe Loveit
Relaxing Quality Time Showing a little bit of cleavage Fierce Winding Down
Another day Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life
First Eyeem Photo
Yessss Werk Rupual Ontonight Hat
The one and only @millenaHida ayDLite Orange Fierce Multipass Leelu
So you wanna play with magic Intheair Eyes Dead Deadeyes for every dying breath she steals she gets younger
Im a Gemini I'm equally beautiful at both ends of the spectrum Twins Dragqueen  Stud Bothworlds why choose when you going out at all
Life isn't colorless Colorful Fit German Allamerican whiteboy
Are you Red E for me Red Blond RedforFilth
My first and only best catfriend has passed after swiftly becoming ill within 12 hours today she was my princess kasumi and mine and rudy first baby she died in our arms im in shock she will always be my faaat cat kas. I will always be ur daddy love u and ill always cherish the decade of love u gave us Tabbylove Catfriends Cats Catlovers goodbye myworldcrushed ,
Everytime a crucial event happens in my life I dye my hair frome black to blond tomarrow Red Blonde Bombshell German Bowtie stud escape d.I.d.
The boys wanna to fight but the girls are happy to dance all night Cute Fierce Instalike Instafollow july4th american
Black White Porcelain  Instalike instaface insomniac boyfish stud cute everything edc ontonight outofdrag
I'll Never look back at the faded silhouettes Queen Edm Instalike Instaface avicci dragqueen beautiful rupaul instalove silhouettes edc
Tonight tonight Fantasy Beautiful Instaface Tonight feelingfresh beat rupaul millena hidaway Dlite
I'll sink ships for you TurnUp Beautiful Tenacious Colors soulsucker psylock magic darkparadise millena hidaway Dlite rupaul dragrace teamitfactor
I am now taking credit cards she is a business yesssdsdd Visa Amex Dragqueen  Instalike instaface insomniac instafamous
Best of both Queen Worldofwonder Tweegram Instalike instaface instafollow instafamous instastud instalove stud modelmug Dlite
Outofdrag German Stud FeelingFresh  27 ontonight instastud instalike instaface instafamous instalove edc insomniac
I will love you till the end of time Lana Instalike Instaface Instafollow instafamous face lovesit beardedCokeslut lol bullshittags
Madonna vs Gaga all Millena Madonna Ladygaga Millena Hidaway Dlite rupaul face instalike instaface instafollow instafamous instalove face queen dragqueen beat painted howsitsdone
Breaking up the Girl Realness Queen Millena Hidaway Dlite instalike instaface instafollow instafamous painted porcelain beat garbage Shirley howsitsdone model face everything
Serving face for Days Instafamous Instalike Instalove Instaface fiercegram face makeup porcelain summer modelmug beat
Event Horizon gemini till the end Worldofwonder Eyes EDC Rupaul tonight tranzclown tweegram instafamous instalike instaclown insomniac instalove instafollow instatranny original ontonight dragrace follow4follow gemini hair jawbreaker logotv comment comeonnatch beat millena
Inner thoughts Instalike Instafamous Instalove Instafollow instatranny insomniac worldofwonder EDC rupaul tweegram tranzclown original selfie follow4follow gemini hair jawbreaker logotv clowncoutoure vlog beat millena dragrace dragqueen
We already have 1 Millena and don't need another Original Instafamous Instafollow Eyes instalove tweegram follow4follow love hair instalike dragqueen instatranny rupaul dragrace edc insomniac tonight
Send in the Clown Clownthehousedown Tranzclown Dragqueen  Instaclown selfie clowncoutoure fierce rupaul logotv worldofwonder EDC
Some of the sweetest candy are as sour as death inside Gemini Drag Jawbreaker Rupaul ontonight comeonnatch beat quotes logotv cult
Millena is starting a Weekly Vlog about Drag, current events and questions to taboo to ask its called "dont be paranoid its just Drag" so leave ur questions below or message
New wig made by me Millena Closertogod Wigart Mycreation Talent ontonight thisjusthappened itsverythat rupaul comeonnatch
You not on my wave length Beauty Fish Face Dlite ontonight comeonnatch queen holler servingmug lanadelrey
I fall asleep in an American flag I wear my diamond's on skid row American Paradise LanaDelRey Comeonnatch stripes body
Follow me @edm you guys are awesome And please follow me @rebeccafiona @rebeccafiona @rebeccaandfiona I love you and u make my heart skip a beat i perform ur music onstage all the time ur my favorite love u both xoxxo Millena Hidaway D-Lite aka Dj Hidaway Rebeccafiona Rebecca &fiona Edm
Millena aka lil WhiteGirl. from B.P Chola Whitegirl  Gringa Millenahidawaydlite face baldwinpark queen werk rupaul ontonight
And yes there will be blood Dragula Dracula Buffy Dragqueen  dragqueen blackandwhite blond fish revamp millenahidawaydlite comeonnatch
Serving @rebeccafiona Millenahidawaydlite Dragqueen  Dragdroid Tranny transformation fierce fish beauty ontonight fakeittilumakeit yesgawd
Best of both worlds Gemini Hotboyhotgirl Transformation Tranny dragdroid dragqueen millenahidawaydlite mug comeonnatch holler german aceofhz painted ontonight