J Mike Curry


former model photographer, news photographer, come out of retirement to rekindle my love for the art and get back into practice.
blue and white
matching black
Blue and green
Ceramic egg
picture of
view of varied
view of
wide expanse of
outside dining
amazing vistas
small spools of
two buffalo
old fashioned
ceramic book
blue generic
White ceramic
black and white
black and white
Merry Christmas
froggie Reptile
fog over pond
bored cat Pets
flowers over
flooded Hay
Mallard Bird
mallards Bird
Halloween Macon
backgyard Snow
Moon Astronomy
The Moon
memories Baled
small town, big
old homestead
Luna Pets
rain delay Ball
pick a lane
sunset over
Mt Hood Beauty
In town
cloudy day
cocker spaniel
Alabama flower
route 66
after the storm
sunset over
branch over the
Sunset over
green wall Tree
School Building
horses in the
Space Needle
Hammond Lumber
Elbe Lutheran
Hobo Inn Hotel
old loggers
Elbe Church.
display in
riffe lake
Peters Road
drift wood
Flower Head
wind blown
white foxglove
old barn Hay
mt adams Mt
vines over
mossy trees
Hay loft Hay
clouds on the
fleeing me Baby
sunset Water
Scotch Broom
touching Summer
would a
Anti Depressant
Reflection Pets
Tree Mountain
Flower Leaf
Home Depot
Tree Blue
Tree Pine Tree
Tree Water
Home Showcase
Flower Head
Tree Full Frame
Cowlitz River
Road Sign Clear