I'm a 18 year old girl from Sweden!
Good morning!
I guess I should say something witty right here... but meh Sweden Blue Eyes Rain Vinumbonum
Sunset in Sweden :) Sweden Sunset
Its time for Summer ! Sweden
Today is a sad day....
Anyone having a nice day? Sweden Blue Eyes Easter
Well, I love animals, even the snakes! ? Snakes Zoo Sassy London
I just love the sassyness of the turtles! ? Turtle Desert Zoo London
Add some color to your life might make the sadness go away Manga Colors Insperation Sweden
Flower power!! ? Flowerpower Flowerporn Beautiful Nofilter
Sometimes, you need to tell life to fuck off! Self Portrait Makeup Roadtrip
So much light! Self Portrait Hello World Happy Smile
Monday is coming!! Selfpotrait Sweden Happy Blue Eyes
Hello!! Hello World Happy Makeup Sweden
Beautiful path in Stockholm! Sunset Summer Sweden Forest
Trying to ve seductive. ... Sweden Selfpotrait BlueEyes Summer
You couldn't handle me even if I came with instruction. Self Portrait Sassy Smile Blue Eyes
Why do I smile? Because I can! Smile Summer Brunette Happy
Beautiful evning by the lake! Sweden Lake Evning Nature
Sweden can be beautifull at times! Nofilter Sweden Summertime In Sweden Evning #sunset
Drinking tea while having a nice evening date with my homework! Homework Tea Disney Evening
Just another day! Portrait Smile Spring Sweden
Wow, I look bitchy!! Self Portrait Dramatic Long Hair Makeup
Just My eye! Self Portrait Blue Eyes Smile Makeup
Plantsitting for My friend!! Cactus PlantGreen Pretty
Swedish morning! Sweden Nature Sunrise Busstop
Sad music makes the sadness worse Blue Eyes Sweden Sad Music
Oh my, my winter jacket again! ColdWinterBlue Eyes Sweden
Look at that sexy winter jacket I Know You Want It SwedenSmileBlue Eyes
My first picture during English class. You could say I'm a badass. Yolo Swag Gansta