Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains. So my friend are you hurting today?.........
Breath Taking
Summer Flowers
A early morning
Found this old
Black and Blue
"I see you" Pet
Pet photography
"The Red Room"
At the ball
Flowers EyeEm
Fresh start
Nature EyeEm
Nature EyeEm
Beauty in
Roses are
My Cat , early
Flowers are
Negative Space
Enjoying some
O how time has
The Old Railway
Rusted straight
My Cat , such a
Walk This Way I
It's strange
Saw the light
Trying out some
Where I'm from,
So I teach
Long time since
Flowers in the
Frabric from
Beauty in
Taking the
Seeing the
Life is filled
Cat Kitty
Flowers EyeEm
Flowers what
Puppy Pet Dog
Old Church ,
Sunrise Nature
Flowers Nature
Twisted Fence
Some Black &
Some flower
Black & White
Trying my hand
Just something
Cheers to the
Dog had pups,
Felt a little
some Abstract
the moon was
"Behide the
took this today
The Impact
This looks
my Cat give me
took this
some Splash
Another day at
Took this
these little
"Spores" Nature
first time at
white star
i call this one
The voice of
Abstract Being
My world
Some splash
My Pet