Michael Lopez

Professional Freelance photographer
Michael Lopez
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Full length of man standing on floor
Low angle view of statue against building
Full frame shot of ornate wall
Low angle view of ceiling
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
Close-up of flag
Panoramic view of cave
Scenic view of mountains against clear blue sky
Statue of man with arms raised at night
Cactus in desert against clear sky
human representation
Close-up of illuminated text
Illuminated sign in city at night
Rear view of girl using smart phone
Close-up of camera on wood
Close-up of illuminated lamp
Close-up view of illuminated lamp
Close-up of multi colored man
Construction site against sky
Close-up of dragon on wooden door
Close-up of text on paper
Temple against sky in city
Directly above shot of drink in bowl
High angle view of eggs
Man lying on floor
Close-up of man preparing food on table
Close-up of meat on barbecue grill
Close-up of man eating food at market stall
View of snow covered landscape
Low angle view of tree against sky during autumn