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Taking Photos
West Seattle car show. Image shot with Mamiya RB67 and Fuji Neopan 100. Urban Geometry Streetphotography Medium Format
Under the magnolia bridge in Seattle. Urban Geometry Medium Format RB67 Film
Downtown Seattle skyline from West Seattle. RB67 Medium Format Nightscape Water Reflections
This is another late night landscape of Downtown Seattle from Alki Beach in West Seattle. Image taken with Mamiya RB67 in Fuji Acros Neopan 100. Nightphotography Blackandwhite Medium Format RB67
I didn't expect the train when I began this 90 second exposure but I like how the light works with this image. Shot with Mamiya RB67 on Fuji Acros Neopan 100 film. Medium Format RB67 Nightphotography Blackandwhite
I love the classic Ilford HP5 film stock. This is a shot I made while walking down Alki Beach in West Seattle. Leica Leica M6 Enjoying Life Film Is Not Dead
I thought this was a little odd location and position for this table and chair. Blackandwhite Leica Leica M6 Film Is Not Dead
Collaborating with the people from the Zine Project with the University District Youth Center has been one of the most rewarding projects I've ever done. There's something beautiful about watching those who are often denied the opportunity to speak create and share their own stories through their own narratives on their own terms. I'm excited to keep this work going as it keeps me grounded and close to my roots and I already see the transformation taking place everywhere. What would write as the caption for this image? Blackandwhite Notes From The Underground Streetphotography Photojournalism
Blackandwhite Urban Geometry Leica Love Film Is Not Dead
I just found one of my first nightime landscape images I created on film. For this one I used Fujifilm Acros Neopan 100 with a 60 second exposure and a Mamiya RB67. As soon as I developed this negative, I knew I was going to be using a lot more film and appreciating the entire process. Film Is Not Dead Blackandwhite Landscape Black And White
This is one of my favorite images from the time I spent with the Vietnamese Friendship Association. They are doing some really good, and much needed, work in the community. Photojournalism Black And White Film Leica
Hanging Out Leica M6 35mm Film Train
Seattle All I need is one mic. Event