Micel Ba


Street in motion,fotoserie in special places, With ip5s add me HERE: http://facebook.com/micelb and www.micelb.de
If you so not water the love, love will be gone soon:) My Best Photo 2015 Emotions AMPt - My Perspective Dreaming Self Portrait Love Without Boundaries Love Tears
My Best Photo 2015 Emotions Shootermag Fashion&love&beauty Fashion
My Best Photo 2015 AMPt - My Perspective Emotions Streetphotography
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
My Best Photo 2015
RePicture Growth Shootermag AMPt - My Perspective Emotions Streetphotography
B&w Street Photography Emotions Fashion&love&beauty B&w Photography Shootermag Dreaming Schattenspiel  AMPt - My Perspective
Showcase: December Shootermag Dreaming Self Portrait Emotions Fashion&love&beauty AMPt - My Perspective
Love Without Boundaries
Tears Art Fashion Fashion&love&beauty Emotions Portrait Feeling Thankful Self Portrait Shootermag Pain Dreaming
Get Lost Dreaming Self Portrait Emotions Shootermag Fashion&love&beauty Fashion Art Love
Streetphotography Portrait Fashion Fashion&love&beauty Shootermag Emotions Self Portrait Dreaming Get Lost
Street Fashion Portrait Fashion Fashion&love&beauty Shootermag Streetphotography
Dreaming Fashion&love&beauty Portrait Fashion Blackandwhite Street Fashion Black And White Streetphoto_bw
Enjoying Life Portrait Fashion Dreaming Shootermag Fashion&love&beauty Last Thing I See Hello World
Dreaming Feeling Thankful Enjoying Life Art Turn Your Lights Down Low Xmas
Autumn Colors Shootermag Portrait Dreaming
Feeling Thankful
Autumn Colors
Feeling Thankful
Emotions Streetphotography Shootermag Summer Vibes
Fetherlook Portrait Dreaming Fashion Emotions
Portrait AMPt - My Perspective Enjoying Life Blackandwhite
Loosing you... Emotions Dreaming Fashion&love&beauty Shootermag
Street Fashion Dreaming Emotions Self Portrait
CityBeauty in GetYourGuide Cityscapes
ShadowHeart 4E in Schattenspiel  Dreaming Shootermag Streetphotography
ShadowHeart 2 in Schattenspiel  Iphone 5
ShadowHeart in Schattenspiel  Dreaming Streetphotography
ShadowBeauty 2 in Schattenspiel  Streetphotography Dreaming Get Lost
ShadowBeauty in Schattenspiel  Shootermag Streetphotography Dreaming
Fashion Dreaming Tattoo Shootermag
Dreaming Shootermag Shoes Fashion Street in Motion - Where is Tom?
Street Fashion Dreaming Portrait Don't Be Square
Streetphotography Dreaming Street Fashion Fashion
Hanging Out Streetphotography Dreaming Schattenspiel
Dreaming Portrait Fashion Fashion&love&beauty
Kids Dreaming Black And White Schattenspiel  An angel with white and black wings... My sweet angel
Smile Shootermag Blackandwhite Schattenspiel
Dreaming Self Portrait Black And White Fashion&love&beauty
Dreaming Portrait Fashion Schattenspiel
Streetphotography Dreaming Fashion Schattenspiel
Dreaming Blackandwhite Streetphoto_bw Don't Be Square